There are few better ways to beat the winter chill than with a hale and hearty meal.

Winter Food

In the depths of winter, you need food that’s satisfying, nourishing and full of slow burning fuels that will help you stay warmer for longer.

Treat yourself to the dishes that will warm your cockles and leave you feeling full and satisfied when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Read the best recipes for getting you through the winter from around the web.

Eating well in winter

While summer is all about light foods such as salads and sandwiches, winter is a time for choosing heartier fare.

Soups, stews and stodgy comfort foods are just what you need to get you through a long winter and the BBC’s top 20 winter recipes on Good Food is a great place to start finding suggestions.

This list has a nice range of interesting and yet simple recipes, all chosen as great for giving you a cosy glow even when it’s horrible outside.

Winter is the perfect time to really make use of seasonal fare, such as roasted root vegetables, or to enjoy the heat of a good curry.

It’s also the season when you should be taking care of yourself with some delicious and guilt-free comfort food. Check out the collection of comfort food recipes put together by the Food Network and you’ll find everything from classic toad in the hole to delicious pulled pork burritos.

If you’re worried about your weight or looking for something a little lighter but equally warming, these healthy comfort food swaps might be a better bet.

Your winter diet will have a big impact on how healthy you are throughout the season, so you might also want to have a think about some of the best foods to include in your daily routine.

Eating Well has a useful list of healthy winter choices with a few key ingredients to add to your shopping list.

Delicious delights for the colder months

Soup is an excellent winter companion, especially because it’s so easy to freeze individual portions and make sure you have enough to last you several days.

For some inspired ideas for gorgeous winter soups, Jamie Oliver is your man. He’s put together a wonderful selection of tasty and tempting soups that will tickle your taste buds.

Delia Smith has also created an excellent list of her favourite winter soups, so you’ll find plenty of celebrity-picked recipes ready to get you started.

Don’t assume that all winter food has to be stodgy and unrefined; there are plenty of great choices that are suitable for the season but also worthy of a fine dining experience.

Red Magazine has put together a brilliant list of winter warmer recipes that’s full of suggestions for a special winter meal, perfect for impressing your guests.

Get busy in the kitchen and start cooking up a storm; with so many excellent winter treats for the making, you’ll have a full fridge and freezer in no time.

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