Hedgehog Rescue

Did you know….?

A shocking study has revealed that hedgehogs are rapidly vanishing from our countryside, with numbers HALVED in the last 20 years.

Hedgehog Rescue Rehabilitation and Care Centre respond immediately to rescue injured hedgehogs. A vet is called in straight away and the hedgehogs are monitored and cared for. Once fit and well they are released back into the wild.

We care for many hedgehogs here at our rehabilitation centre. Hedgehogs just like these:


These two (pictured left) came in as very small babies and had stayed with us a few weeks, gaining weight and giving us a chance to sort out their health issues. They had several ticks and needed worming. When they were 100% ready, we released them close to where they were found.

Hedgehog Rescue is now conducting its Annual Appeal. Only by continuing our huge effort and long-life commitment can these wonderful animals be given a safe, happy and contented life.

Please click HERE to see how you can help us care for these beautiful and vulnerable creatures. Thank you.

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