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Halloween in London

London Dungeon
South Bank, London

Delve into the ancient capital’s most horrible history at the London Dungeon.

Experience live actors, thrilling rides and exciting special effects during this terrifying 90-minute experience.

The London Dungeon is a walk-through experience that recreates scenes from London’s scary history. Take the medieval lift into the depths of the dungeon and begin your journey. Along the way you’ll have a close shave with Fleet Street barber, Sweeney Todd, investigate the mysterious identity of Jack the Ripper and discover the dreadful secrets of the torture chamber. Not for the faint-hearted!

Tickets to the London Dungeon cost from £27 per person.

Jack the Ripper Museum
12 Cable St, Aldgate, London E1 8JG

Visit the world’s only dedicated Jack the Ripper museum, learn about the suspects and victims of the terrible murders and step back to the year 1888 – the year that Jack the Ripper terrorised the streets of Victorian London.

Set across six incredible floors, the museum shows painstakingly recreated scenes connected to the murders alongside artefacts that have never before been shown to the public. See a realistic recreation of PC Watkins discovering the body of Catherine Eddowes on Mitre Square and visit Jack the Ripper’s ‘sitting room’, containing medical instruments, books and an impressive and fascinating collection of Ripper memorabilia.

Visit a recreation of the Whitechapel police station that was the epicentre of the investigation and inspect a wall of clues, including original newspapers, police artefacts and the ‘From Hell’ and ‘Dear Boss’ letters. The attic of the museum is a recreation of victim Mary Kelly’s humble living quarters, the room where she lived and died.

Here you will learn the life stories of the women he murdered – a poignant exploration of the domestic and working lives of the Ripper’s victims. If you dare, descend to the morgue, where you can inspect actual autopsy photographs and read the medical
reports of the nine women that fell victim to the Ripper’s knife. With all this evidence, perhaps you will be able to solve one of the most famous crime mysteries of all time!


At this time of year please check under your car and wheel arches for cats trying to keep warm, before you set off on your journey!

During the cold winter months cats will often seek out any warm space they can find. One particularly irresistible lure seems to be the cosy confines of a warm car engine. Unfortunately, cats that seek shelter under the bonnets of cars can then be injured or killed when that car is started. Help keep your own and your neighbourhood cats safe this winter by tapping the bonnet of your car before you start the engine.


At this time of year please check for these prickly creatures before lighting your bonfire.

Bonfires are perfect sleeping areas for hedgehogs and every year many get burnt alive. If you are having a bonfire, just make sure you check inside before lighting it. If you do find a hedgehog, move it to a safe place. This year second litters have been born later than usual. This means that there may still be young and underweight hedgehogs around. Remember if they are under 600gr they will not survive hibernation and need to be taken to a local animal rescue centre.

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