A new campaign has brought the topic of sexual health among the over-65s to an unexpected environment… the garden centre.

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Silver Surfers reports that according to research conducted by the relationship charity Relate, more than half of those over 65 consider themselves to be ‘sexually adventurous,’ but many feel awkward speaking about their sex life and many hardly ever use condoms – which is leading to an increase in STIs among this age group.

To raise awareness, the organisation has teamed up with Ogilvy to launch ‘The Rise of Horniculture.’

The campaign features a series of fun, vegetable-themed condom packet designs that have been displayed among garden centre seed packets – because if there’s one thing Brits do love chatting about, it’s gardening.

“Sex and intimacy can be as adventurous and fulfilling in later life, as it can be at any age. It might be different – for physical or other reasons – but it’s brilliant that our research showed it’s still a significant part of life for those who want it to be. And we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the importance of safe sex, regardless of age,” said Anjula Mutanda, relationship psychotherapist and president at Relate.

“By bringing the sexual health debate to an unexpected environment like a garden centre, we’re once again trying to help break down
taboos and get people up and down the country talking about the joy of later-life sex.”

The tongue-in-cheek illustrated condoms are available at the family-run independent garden centre Finchley Nurseries. With a nod to some of the most popular cheeky emojis, the range features aubergines, plums, courgettes, onions and avocados – forming a vegan and fully sustainable condom collection that is also biodegradable.

“One of the best ways to tackle the taboo of talking about sex and intimacy is being upfront about the fact it sometimes gives us the giggles – and use humour to make people feel more comfortable chatting about johnnies,” added Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh, founders of Hanx.

“We’re pleased to have provided the condoms for Relate’s campaign and want to encourage everyone to cultivate a no-blushes attitude to safe sex. Let’s get it on!”

Last year, Relate and Rankin released a series of imagery that shone a light on the beauty of sex and intimacy in later life.

(Story source: Silver Surfers)

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