Thousands of people swear by using raw honey as a natural remedy.


HoneyChoice reports that thousands of people swear by using raw honey as a natural remedy for streaming eyes and runny noses saying that it has helped to ease their symptoms and transform their lives.

The principle behind the theory is that the tiny amounts of pollen found in raw honey help to desensitise the body, preventing the reaction to pollen in the atmosphere during spring and early Summer.

Bee farmer Crispin Reeves, who runs English honey brand Haughton Honey, based near Tarporley in Cheshire said” many of our customers buy our honey because they know that the bees have made it in this country and that the honey is raw, so it contains traces of intact pollen.

“It doesn’t matter too much if the hive that your honey comes from us on your doorstep or 50 miles away because our national flora is fairly similar across the country. But try to opt for poly-floral honey, which Haughton Honey is, as it will contain a good mix of pollens. “Thousands of people take a spoonful of honey a day, well in advance of the start of the hay fever season, as a natural remedy to the symptoms of hay fever. The medical evidence is anecdotal at the moment, but we know for a fact that a lot of our customers buy Haughton Honey to try to ward off some of the unpleasant symptoms they suffer during the hay fever system.”

Haughton Honey comes straight form the hive, is cold extracted and never Pasteurised, which means that it retains all of the natural enzymes and proteins that make English honey so special. Haughton Honey is 100 percent natural and pure, and features traces of Dandelion, chestnut, blackberry, clover and other wildflowers. Haughton Honey is available in more than 60 stores currently across the North West and the Midlands and also through food distribution company Bikold Foodservice based in Ludlow (, with plans to expand throughout the UK. I is also available online, prices £5.25 for a 340g jar, via ( where you can also find a range of recipe ideas.

(Article source: Choice)

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