Consumers can be bombarded with food websites promising to be the next big thing, but these tried and tested sites offer proper value.


New supermarket for natural products

This new online marketplace is all about natural food. It’s a great site for the more unusual natural products and independent retailers and as a launch offer, 100’s of the items are offered with free UK Standard delivery.

The Food Market works with independent small companies – many of them are family businesses – and it’s a fab place to find authentic ingredients.


Juice cleanses delivered to your door

Take the pain out of detoxing by having juices delivered to your house.

Choose how many days you want to cleanse for and then book a delivery from Plenish and receive your diet of cold pressed juices. Customers will get six juices a day and they’re numbered so its easy to know which one to have next.

The juices are designed by nutrition experts to provide energy and there is over 1 kg of organic fruit and veg is pressed into each bottle.

The three-day juice cleanse left us feeling less bloated and more energised. Plenish is committed to using only 100% organic produce.

Abel & Cole’s new mix and match

Recipe boxes

The organic food firm has launched its new mix and match recipe boxes nationwide. Mixing your recipes circumvents the problem of customers ever receiving products they don’t like.

Customers choose the recipes they fancy each week from the four categories (Veggie, Simple, Light and Foodie) and can swap out any recipes they don’t like.

The Fantastic Fish Box contains three sustainable sourced fish – one ready to eat fish, one to cook and one to freeze for later in the week, enough for two people, costing £14.

For anyone trying to eat more healthily, the quality of the produce is second to none ( and lasts a hell of a lot longer than supermarket fruit and veg) and the new mixed boxes mean you can tailor your shop exactly to your tastes. The recipe boxes start from £33 for three meals, which for the quality of produce is great value.


The top app for gluten-free and allergy diners

Kafoodle is a new free app, which has been designed to help people with allergies find suitable restaurants.

It allows diners to search by the main 14 allergens such as dairy, nuts and gluten, as well as search the nutritional content of a menu for calories, sugar and fat etc and will show how many menu items will be suitable for those with specific allergies. You may be able to get better in-depth reviews for different vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free etc on online blogs, but this is a helpful app when you are on the go. For instance, gluten-free customers currently can eat 13 out of 19 sushi dishes at Itsu.


Pair your recipe and wine

Delipair is a new website where users copy and paste the link to the recipes they’re cooking and the Delipair search tool produces a list of the perfect wine pairing for that meal.

It’s an easy way to know what bottle to pick up from the shops! It is a shame it doesn’t recommend specific named bottles and brands, but it’s handy enough to know you should be looking for a Cab Sav rather than a Malbec, or vice versa.


The best app for food experiences around the world

For those who like to travel and dine like a local, EatWith connects visitors with dinner party hosts in over 100 cities around the world.

Eatwith hosts are local to the city, avid chefs and are often a fountain of knowledge on where to eat, drink and sight-see in a city. Hosts cook a three-course meal and guests are often a mix of locals and travellers. You can see how much each host charges and the profiles and reviews tell you lots about the type of experience each host offers. You can even find EatWith hosts offering to share and host their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Kitchen Trotter

Kitchen Trotter is a new food delivery service that delivers a new box of flavours from a particular country every month. Unlike Abel & Cole, it delivers the seasonings and sauces rather than the meat and vegetables, so it’s better for those chefs looking to spread their wings and try new cuisines.

We started with Indonesian kit and found the spices and flavours so authentic they really transformed our stir frys and curries. The recipes are easy to follow and your store cupboard of spices and seasonings builds up in no time. I’m not sure we would otherwise know what to do with the dried shrimp paste (delicious in stir fries by the way) or where to find it! Subscriptions start from £29.99.

(Article source: High 50)

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