People are now living around a third of their lives after the age of retirement, giving them more time to spend with family, travel abroad, enjoy their hobbies and learn new skills.


50 Plus reports that a study by Age UK demonstrated this zest for life among the older generation, finding that 82% of over 65s say they have felt happy or content either most days or every day for the past two weeks – the highest percentage for any age group including 16-24 year olds.

One of the reasons for this could be an increase in healthier and more active lifestyles among older Britons. The same research study found that nearly three quarters of over-65s have been involved in leisure activities or hobbies in the last two weeks.

Another lifestyle trend emerging among retired Britons is an increase in digital savviness and a willingness to embrace new technology. Our parent company, FirstPort, has found that its Digital Eagles Tea & Teach sessions have helped older residents realise the benefits that technology can bring to their day-to-day lives. I’ve seen residents who use Tea & Teach sessions to learn how to send their first ever email, make a skype call to family abroad, and conduct a live online chat with a company to query a bill. All may sound like simple tasks to someone who is familiar with technology, but these can be massive hurdles and very daunting tasks for those who are not familiar with the online world.

Those who build retirement living properties are responding to having more active, social retirees living under their roof. Forward-looking retirement properties are built with more open plan areas, social spaces and gardens to serve a more active community. Weekly yoga sessions, film showing, games nights are all activities I’ve recently come across in our development’s social calendars, designed to bring residents together and create communities.

If you want to have a ball in your retirement, visit to find out more.

(Article source: 50 Plus) 

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