According to a recent study 2 in 5 of our stoic baby boomers (the over 50’s) are suffering in silence with their joint and muscle pain, with 85% having suffered in the last 2 years with hip, knee and back issues.


50 Plus reports that researchers also found that many are delaying any treatment for an average of 16 months, despite the fact that 60% of sufferers are prevented from living their lives to the full.

Help is now at hand with the new RELEVA Joint and Muscle Balm from Arkad Healthcare. Talking about its development, its Technical Director, Dave Hill said, “we have researched many similar balms and realised that many contained ingredients that caused allergies such as lanolin, or irritants such as camphor. We agreed that we would source only natural ingredients and ensure our product was inclusive”.

The RELEVA Joint and Muscle Balm contains 3 key plant extract; Eucalyptus Oil, Melaleuca Oil and Clove Flower Oil that are known for their healing properties. A small amount on menthol has also been added for its warming effect.

Arkad Healthcare’s Joint Managing Director Ian Baker said “we have been testing the product with consumers and have been overwhelmed with the positive response to its benefits. We now have two Para-Olympians a West End star and other trained physiotherapists regularly using the balm to relieve sore joints and muscles for themselves and clients”.

People who’ve used the RELEVA Joint and Muscle balm have experienced increased mobility, enabling them to play golf and bowls, enjoy gardening, crafts, and spending more time with friends, family and the grandkids.

Michael Burgess, Arkad Healthcare’s other Joint MD said “not only have we developed an easy to open 250g pot for home use, we realised that our customers needed a version to travel with. At 50g, it will easily last 2 weeks and it is small enough to be carried as hand luggage. Holidays are often when you want to be at your most active, so relief is available on the go”.

RELEVA Joint and Muscle Balm is easily absorbed and with its pleasant smell, it soon gets to work on those everyday aches and pains. The RELEVA balm is 100 per cent UK-made and been specially formulated to be suitable for use by vegans as it contains NO animal derivatives.

When asked for feedback on our balm after the development phase the team received some glowing reviews.

“I have recently started using RELEVA for a very troublesome elbow, for which the doctor suggested daily pain killers. As a pensioner, I have a number of pills to take and I didn’t want to take more! I bought a pot of the balm on recommendation from a physiotherapist and the results are amazing. I am not totally free from pain, but I have greater mobility in the elbow and feel more comfortable when I now walk with my stick.” Graham, 75, Nottingham.

“Having been asked to test the new RELEVA balm, I used it mostly for the joints in my hands and fingers where I have suffered for a while with arthritis. I chose to apply the cream before bed and found that after a few days of use that I was waking in the morning with more mobility and less pain in my fingers. Applying RELEVA is now part of my daily routine.” Suzanne, Bluntisham.

The new RELEVA balm is also being used by many of the amazing cast of Hamilton, currently in the West End of London. With their punishing schedules of rehearsals, matinees and evening shows the Joint and Muscle Balm has been used both before and after performances to help relieve the aching muscles. Jon Robyns said how much it was helping his sore neck after performances, while Allyson Eva-Brown said that it was “her latest favourite product” and the fragrance is great.

(Story source: 50 Plus)

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