Older Brits should be gardening or swimming at least twice a week to stay in peak fitness, top doctors say.


Government medical advisers also said new mums should aim for 2½ hours’ exercise a week.

They recommend that over-50s do strength-based exercise which included climbing stairs and carrying shopping. In a new report they also suggest that pensioners take up dancing, bowls or tai-chi to help prevent falls, injury and illness.

Doctors claim Brits who meet the guidelines will sharply cut their risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression. They also say sitting down for long periods is harmful – even if people hit their exercise targets.

In the world’s first guidance on post-pregnancy activity, new mums are advised to do pelvic floor exercises immediately after birth. Exercise eases back pain, improves sleep and helps shed flab. England’s chief medical officer Prof Dame Sally Davies said: “I want to re assure women it’s safe to be active during pregnancy and to build up slowly after birth. There’s no negative effect on breastfeeding.”

(Story source: The Sun) 

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