Menopause is steeped in negativity, rarely talked about openly and is often associated with weight gain, mood swings and hot flushes.


MenopauseHowever, 50 Connect reports that the menopause is different for every woman and there are many ways we can halt the negative association of this all-important phase in life that every woman goes through. To follow are tips on how to build your confidence using style and colour during Menopause.

1. Its not always easy but try seeing this as a new phase to your life; perhaps a new chance to reinvent yourself and to celebrate your body, skin and confidence. Always highlight your body parts that you like and don’t think, just perhaps because you are on the good side of fifty, that you must fade into the background! Now is your time!

2. Oestrogen is key to building collagen in our skin, so during menopause your skin may lose elasticity, or look duller and feel thinner or drier. Being well moisturised and wearing the right coloured makeup will make you appear healthier and more radiant. The right lipstick is key.

3. Black is often thought of as a slimming colour but if you are not a winter season then it is not your colour. As we age even some winters begin to struggle to carry it off! Tailoring and the art of layering is far more helpful in creating a slimmer look.

4. If you feel like foundation is too chalky on your skin now, try using a BB cream as it has all the benefits of hydrating like a moisturiser, providing the coverage of a light foundation and often contains a sunscreen.

5. It is important to exercise when going through menopause so keep active and choose great sportswear to keep you motivated. Get re-measured for a good fitting bra, invest in some quality sports kit including a great sports bra and choose some trainers in a fabulous colour from your colour palette and you are ready hit the gym or pound the pavements!

6. If you are feeling flushed, know that the right colours will bring down high colouring and if you feel your complexion needs a lift try the more vibrant colours in your colour palette. Importantly, autumns and springs suit warm tones whilst winters and summers should wear cool tones.

7. Use accessories close to your face such a scarves, necklaces or earrings in one of, or an assortment of, your wow colours to highlight your complexion and to look radiant.

8. Comfortable dressing will be another vital consideration during menopause so wearing the right size and shape is important. Some of us may want our clothes to skim over our torso, but make sure you do not swamp your body; you can always add a belt to bring the silhouette in a little. Learning where on your body to best wear a belt is key. It is absolutely possible to prioritise style whilst still being comfortable.

9. You may be getting hot flushes, so wearing more breathable fabrics that allows the air to flow such as linen or 100% cotton will really help. Avoid anything labelled100% polyester.

10.Patterns are a great way to hide sweat but choose one that really suits you. Different patterns suit different style personalities. You may have something with a lovely pattern in your wardrobe right now that fits well but never feels quite right. It probably isn’t a pattern that suits YOU.

(Story source: 50 Connect)

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