Each top dish was established by analysing TikTok videos containing hashtags for 2,600 delicacies. The number of views associated with each hashtag was tallied to produce a ranking.

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Food is often one of the most exciting parts of going on holiday, especially when it’s something you can’t find back home.

But what are the must-try dishes, snacks and drinks travellers need to tick off? Look no further than this fascinating world map and accompanying regional maps which unveil every country’s must-try local delicacy.

They were drawn up by travel insurance company InsureandGo, with the No.1 dish in each country established by analysing TikTok videos containing hashtags for over 2,600 delicacies in 177 countries. The number of views associated with each hashtag was tallied to produce a ranking.

Overall in the UK it’s fish and chips that reigns supreme, while the hot dog is No.1in America, pavlova is the bucket-list dish in Australia and beaver tails is top in Canada. They’re not, incidentally, made from the tails of beavers. They’re deep-fried-dough snacks coated in sugar that resemble beaver tails.

In Spain, visitors must make sure they try a snack of fried pork belly called chicharron, while in Ireland it’s coddle – a potato and sausage stew – that visitors should sample.

The vital snack in Germany is a thin slice of meat (often veal or pork) called the schnitzel. Neighbouring France’s speciality? Snails, or escargot.

In Taiwan, the trending sensation is bubble tea, which InsureandGo describes as ‘a globally adored tea-based beverage featuring chewy tapioca pearls’. The firm adds: ‘Taiwan crafted the refreshing drink in the early ’80s, and since then it has reigned supreme as a must-try delicacy in the country.’

While many of the most popular main dishes across the globe are meat-centric, the study says, there are still ‘tantalising vegetarian options worldwide’, such as Malaysia’s nasi lemak, a rice dish cooked in coconut milk, and pad Thai, which ‘reigns supreme as the quintessential Thai street food’ and is often served vegetarian.

Globally, it’s savoury dishes that dominate the list of must-try foods in each country, the study notes, with sweet treats only coming out on top in 38 locations.

The dessert selections that do make the rankings, however, ‘offer a gastronomic paradise for those with a sweet tooth’.

InsureandGo says: ‘From crema catalana in Andorra, a silky custard dessert with a crystalised sugar topping, to paneer balls soaked in a thickened sweetened milk known as rasmalai in Pakistan, there are plenty of options for travellers seeking sweet indulgences.’

The series of maps includes a breakdown of the most popular regional dishes in the UK.

In Scotland, it is not a dish but a drink that makes the top of the must-try delicacies list. Scottish Irn-Bru is a vibrant orange soft drink cherished for its distinct flavour, that also boasts 183million TikTok views.

Moving south, London’s classic bangers and mash clocks in at 48.5million TikTok views, making the comforting dish of sausages, creamy mashed potatoes, and rich onion gravy the must-try dish in the capital, says InsureandGo.

In the West Midlands, however, it’s a tangy condiment that’s No.1 – Worcestershire Sauce.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, in Yorkshire and the Humber, it’s the beloved Yorkshire pudding that takes centre stage with over 256million TikTok views. The fluffy delight that often goes with traditional Sunday roasts ‘represents a unique slice of British gastronomy both shared and celebrated on TikTok’, says InsureandGo.

The study also produced a breakdown of the top delicacy in every U.S state, with shrimp cocktail top in Nevada, fried pickles No.1 in Arkansas, avocado toast the must-try in California and the classic key lime pie Florida’s pick of the culinary bunch.

According to the study, the top must-try dish of all time is ramen. It’s No.1 in Japan, but also top globally in terms of overall views, says InsureandGo, revealing that ‘videos of steaming bowls of noodles and broth (have clocked up) over 16billion views on TikTok’.

In second place is the USA’s hot dog, with 10.2billion views, followed by churrasco (Brazil, 8.3billion) and bubble tea in fourth (Taiwan, 8.1billion).

The top five is rounded out by bakso, an Indonesian meatball dish that has clocked up 5.6billion views.

Chris Rolland, CEO at InsureandGo, adds: ‘As TikTok continues to shape both global travel and food trends, it’s fascinating to see how dishes from across the world have captured the hearts and appetites of people everywhere. From tamales in Mexico to stroopwafels in the Netherlands, every trip abroad is a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

‘While exploring new cuisines and flavours is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of any trip, it’s important to be wise when it comes to what you consume while travelling. Contaminated food or drinks are the most common cause of travel-related illness, so being knowledgeable about food safety before you jet off is incredibly important.

‘Check if you can drink the tap water in the country you are visiting, be mindful of general food hygiene and be sure to always wash your hands before handling or consuming food. Make sure you have travel insurance, so you can indulge in those unique flavours and dishes with the peace of mind that you’re protected in case of any unexpected situations.’

The full findings and further information on the must-try foods in each country and continent can be found here: www.insureandgo.com/blog/press-releases/every-countrysmust-try-local-delicacy.

(Article source: Daily Mail)

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