The colder months are fast approaching. Bad weather, dark mornings, sniffles, sneezes and that duvet day feeling – winter must be on its way.


It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; winter can be a great season to get to grips with our immune system, toughen our resilience and give a boost to our general well-being.

So how do we go about making ourselves feel the best we can during the winter months?

Here are 10 practical tips we can follow to aid our resistance to those winter viruses along with helping to battle those winter blues:

  • Eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains will support our immunity and encourage good digestion
  • We should reduce our intake of salt, sugar and fat and try to avoid processed foods as they are generally high in all three
  • Endeavour to eat as much fresh food wherever possible as foods full of preservatives and so called ‘junk’ food will deplete the body’s natural protection system
  • Skin and hair should not be neglected during the colder months so both men and women should include quality conditioners and creams in their washing regime
  • Keeping to a regular routine will make us feel better in so many ways as continued late nights and long work hours can have detrimental effects on our general health
  • Including some form of exercise into our daily lives will give our immune systems a boost and produce those ‘feel good’ endorphins
  • Stay hydrated will plenty of fresh water and avoid consuming too much alcohol or caffeine as they have a detrimental effect on our body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins
  • A multi vitamin tablet may aid those who suffer from minor infections or it may help to investigate homeopathic or alternative remedies
  • Yoga, swimming, massage, walking in daylight hours or practising mindfulness are just some forms of healthy relaxation which may help us to feel good about ourselves during those long winter days

It has been said that winter sunshine can improve our general health and help to lift those winter blues so getting outside as much as we can or even taking a holiday abroad may be the ultimate way to survive the winter months!

(Story source: Silver Surfers) 

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