Tips on how to protect yourself and your eyes from low winter sun and stay safe on the roads through the winter months.

Winter Sun

50 Connect reports that the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, has been left shaken up after crashing his Land Rover into another vehicle. Prince Philip has since told officers that he was ‘dazzled by the sun’.

The accident that happened on the A149, near Sandringham Norfolk, has caused two minor injuries; both of which are being treated in hospital.
An eyewitness said that he saw Prince Philip being pulled from the roof of the car, which had flipped over onto the driver’s door. Despite this, the Duke has reportedly been left uninjured.

It’s a common theme among road accidents this time of year and one in which can be avoided. According to some sources, drivers are 20% more likely to get into a car accident in the winter, due to the low position of the winter sun.

The suns glare creates dangerous driving conditions, mainly owed to the fact that you cannot effectively plan for the road ahead. Although the position of the sun cannot be altered, there are precautions you, as a driver, can take to eliminate danger.

Keep your windscreen clean and grease free, both inside and out.

Dirty windscreens are exposed when the low angle of the sun hits the front of your car. Make sure you thoroughly clean your windscreen with a grease free glass cleaner before each journey and don’t forget to keep your windscreen wash topped up.

Wear sunglasses.
You’ve probably experienced this first-hand. During the winter months, your sun visor often makes no difference to blocking out the sun. Keep a pair of high quality sunglasses (polarised lenses) in your glove compartment at all times. They work by filtering out horizontal light that causes glare and only allowing in vertical light ultimately improving visibility.

Keep your speed low, to allow more time to respond to hazards.

It’s a no-brainer really, but when you’re driving on a familiar route you may forget that the sun’s glare can drastically reduce your reaction times if an unexpected hazard does occur.

Be extra aware of other cars.

Again, this may sound simple but it’s easy to assume that other drivers are being as cautious as you are. This is not always the case. Remember that they are also dealing with the blinding glare of the winter sun, so try to be extra vigilant when driving behind other vehicles.

With all of this said we hope that you stay safe on the roads during this season.


(Story source: 50 Connect)

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