If you’re planning on travelling soon, you might be wondering whether you’ll need a vaccine passport. Find out what you need to know here.

vaccine passport

As more people are being vaccinated for COVID-19, the discussions around the use of vaccine passports are intensifying. So, will you need one to travel?

It’s not completely clear at the moment. But, it does look like quite a few countries – especially around Europe – are looking to allow travel for people who’ve been vaccinated.

Some places will also require you to have had both doses, while others might accept people who’ve had one dose.

Here’s what you need to know about vaccine passports as of right now.

What are vaccine passports?

Put simply, vaccine passports are just a way of telling quickly and securely whether people have been vaccinated against coronavirus. In theory, they can be used to allow people to travel more freely, and they might also be extended for use in domestic cases like going to indoor venues.

When you receive your vaccine at the moment, you get a vaccination card and it goes on your medical record. A vaccine passport is, essentially, a more usable way of proving you’ve been vaccinated – similar to WHO’s ‘yellow card’.

Where are vaccine passports going to be used?

At the moment, most of the movement on vaccine passports is from the European Commission with their ‘Digital Green Certificate’.

Countries within the EU have been some of the first to release their individual plans, including Estonia, Iceland, and Romania, but this is the first large-scale statement of intent so far.

For the UK, things are moving a little slower on the vaccine passport front. The discussions are underway but there are ethical and privacy concerns: like whether it puts people who haven’t yet been offered the vaccine at a disadvantage.

If the UK does opt to roll out a vaccine passport, it could be integrated into the NHS app and extended to prove whether you’ve recently tested negative for Covid as well. If this happens, it’s very possible that it might be used for indoor venues like bars and sports stadiums.

Airlines and holiday providers

Airlines and holiday providers are starting to put their own guidelines in place in regards to vaccinations. For example, some cruise lines have announced that all passengers must be vaccinated in order to travel with them.

It’s important to keep an eye out on the country you’re going to, and from, and all the travel providers you’re booking with to make sure you know about their requirements – and whether you’ll need a vaccine passport.

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(Story source: Silver Surfers)

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