A PILOT is the globe’s number one dream job in 2023, from the USA to the UK and Australia.

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On the map – generated using 12 months of Google search data – country names have been supplemented by the jobs their
residents most want information about with a view to a career change.

Searches for ‘how to become a pilot’ and similar are top in 25 countries, including the UK, the U.S, and Australia, with 930,630 searches overall. ‘Writer’ is second with 801,200 searches, but coming top in 75 countries, including India, New Zealand and South Africa.

‘Dancer’ is third, with the study revealing that it garnered 278,720 searches worldwide and is the most-searched-for profession in countries including Nigeria and Ghana.

The map has been composed by Remitly, a financial services provider for immigrants, which looked at almost 200 job types and analysed the search volume for phrases commonly associated with researching a new career, thus establishing the most-searched-for job on Google in each country over the past year.

It says that being a pilot is an occupation that’s ‘known for its excellent pay, great job prospects and travel opportunities’. It adds: ‘“When I grow up I want to be a pilot” has long been a childhood dream of many around the world and, according to our search data analysis, the profession has lost none of its fascination.’

However, the study generally found that careers in the arts and culture sector proved the most popular overall.

Being a ‘YouTuber’ (195,070 searches) ranks in fourth place, coming top in countries including Mexico and Japan, while fifth is being an ‘entrepreneur’ (178,380 searches), a profession that has proven to be the most popular in countries including Luxembourg and Guatemala.

Becoming an actor (176,180 searches) is sixth and top in countries including Turkey and Austria while being an ‘influencer’ is seventh (159,180 searches) and the most-searched-for job in countries including Spain, Venezuela and Argentina.

Eighth is being a ‘programmer’ (125,310 searches), a role that has taken the lead in countries such as Macedonia. Ninth place is bagged by ‘becoming a singer’ (121,430 searches) – top in countries including Vietnam – and tenth is being a teacher (114,950 searches), which reigns supreme in Malaysia, among other countries.

As well as a world map, Remitly has also drawn up maps with regional breakdowns for the search data.

In Europe, being a writer is top across Scandinavia as well as in countries such as Greece, while the French most commonly search for information on how to become an attorney. In Portugal, being a firefighter is number one, and in Germany, being a professor is the dream job.

Crossing the Atlantic to North and Central America, Canadians most commonly search for advice on how to be a pilot, while being an attorney is the most popular occupation in Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Meanwhile, being an influencer is top in countries such as Honduras, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

As for South America, it’s being a businessman that’s number one in Brazil, while being a YouTuber takes the top spot in Uruguay and being an attorney is top in French Guiana.

In Africa, being a football coach is Egypt’s most-searched-for job, while being a doctor takes the top spot in Mali. Somalians’ most
frequently searched-for profession is being a scientist.

Taking a look at the Oceania region, being a flight attendant is number one in the Northern Mariana Islands and being a singer is top in Tonga, while Papua New Guineans tend to search the most for tips on how to be a pilot.

Travelling over to Asia and the Middle East, being a poet is top in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman. In Turkmenistan, the most searched-for job title is ‘translator’, while in Lebanon, it’s being a comedian. Elsewhere, in China, being a dietician is number one, while in Thailand, it’s being a film director. South Koreans, meanwhile, most commonly search for advice on how to be a police officer.

The study also honed in on the world’s top sporting professions and found that being a footballer is number one, with almost 60,000 searches each year logged worldwide. Becoming a wrestler is also one of the most popular dream sports professions, the study reveals, ranking above other athletic pursuits such as basketball, boxing and golf.

The world’s top 20 most searched-for jobs

Pilot – 930,630 searches 2. Writer – 801,200 searches 3. Dancer – 278,720 searches 4. YouTuber – 195,070 searches 5. Entrepreneur – 178,380 searches 6. Actor – 176,180 searches 7. Influencer – 159,180 searches 8. Programmer – 125,310 searches 9. Singer – 121,430 searches 10. Teacher – 114,950 searches 11. DJ – 112,360 searches 12. Blogger – 104,600 searches 13. Doctor – 104,080 searches 14. Professor – 91,400 searches 15. Flight attendant – 88,240 searches 16. Firefighter – 84,300 searches 17. Judge – 83,800 searches 18. Lawyer – 79,470 searches 19. Attorney – 74,030 searches 20. Psychologist – 66,750 searches

(Article source: Daily Mail)

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