Over 50s travellers are shunning major airports in favour of flying from regional hubs – and are willing to pay more for the convenience.


AirportTTG Media reports that a survey of more than 9,500 Saga members found nearly half of all respondents (49%) said they preferred departures from their local airport.

Some 48% of respondents said they would pay more for a regional service, and 53% would use an alternative airline if necessary.

The main reasons cited for preferring regional departures include airport proximity (89%) and local hubs being less busy (72%).

According to the Saga-Populus survey, regional airports scored favourably for check in, security and baggage reclaim queues, cost of food and parking.
Doncaster, Exeter and Newcastle airports fared well across most key services such as reasonable queues, cleanliness, staff assistance and flight information.

By comparison, larger airports – particularly London airports – were marked down for food and parking costs.

Destinations (51%), better transport links (49%) and better facilities (45%) were among the reasons cited by respondents for travelling from larger airports.

Maria Whiteman, Saga Holidays managing director, said: “It is clear people love the convenience of travelling from their closest airport and the benefits of regional airports do not stop there. “People find they queue less at smaller airports, the staff are more helpful and flight information displayed more clearly.”

Populus interviewed 9,553 adults aged 50+ over May 22-28.

(Story source: TTG Media)

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