Move over humble barbecue; it’s time to embrace the full outdoor kitchen setup. It’s the latest must-have for those who take their al fresco entertaining seriously. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered, from bespoke built-in kitchens to rustic wooden kitchens to outdoor kitchen walls.

Outdoor Kitchens

Sharing the joy of cooking outside with friends and family is a real game changer. With an outdoor kitchen, brunch, lunch or evening meals can become a leisurely affair where everyone can pitch in as and when needed. It’s also the perfect excuse to flex those culinary skills and experiment with innovative cooking techniques.

‘One of the things I love most about cooking in an outdoor kitchen is the way it takes away the drudgery of cooking everyday meals,’ says Russ Faulk, Chief Designer and Head of Product at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.

‘But the most important joy of outdoor cooking in my life is the techniques I can utilise outdoors that are impractical indoors. I can work at much higher temperatures, without worrying about filling my house with smoke.’ Guaranteed to be a great talking point, all these are possible in any outdoor space.

Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to get outdoors and cook…

Covered outdoor kitchen

From canopies to bespoke-built structures, adding shelter means you can cook and dine alfresco whatever the weather. Designs with retractable roofs mean you can open them up on a good day.

Simple set up

The beauty of buying individual elements is that you can design your kitchen to suit your space and needs – and add to it if you want to. It also means you can pick it up and take it with you if you move house. Ikea’s Grillskär collection includes everything from a barbecue with a built-in thermometer in the hood, to storage units with adjustable shelves and a sink that connects to a garden hose.

Outdoor kitchen wall

If you’re looking for small and simple outdoor kitchen ideas, this WWOO outdoor kitchen wall idea by Garden House Design includes a concrete surface prep space, a sink, simple storage and an egg-shape barbecue. While the iconic Big Green Egg, which bakes, roasts and barbecues, ranges in price from £795-£1,795.

Brickwork BBQ station

This brickwork BBQ station is a great option if you have leftover material from an extension or renovation. Bricks are a great option for a DIY outdoor kitchen and creating your own large, built-in cooking space makes a real statement. Or you could factor it into your renovation for a seamless addition to a traditional redbrick home.

Rustic outdoor kitchen

This creation at a coastal Cornwall home uses reclaimed wood and concrete surfaces to give off a mix of rustic country kitchen and industrial chic vibes. While outdoor fridges and wine coolers are fairly common appliances, it’s also possible to buy electric hobs and ovens for exterior use. Whatever you choose, ensure the model is specially designed for installing outside. You’ll also need to extend a power supply from your home to your garden.

Moveable outdoor kitchen

When you are stuck for space or want the flexibility of an indoor/outdoor set up, furniture and appliances that can be moved around make for one of the simplest outdoor kitchen ideas. Freestanding kitchen units from Vlaze Adapt can be moved from indoors to outside. They can also be made to accommodate barbecues and pizza ovens.

Outdoor tile style

The phenomenal growth of the outdoor living trend means that garden design is catching up with interior design in terms of the desire to create unique and functional spaces. Exterior tiles are not only a practical choice that stands up to wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance, they also come in an ever-increasing range of styles.

Wooden outdoor kitchen

This lust-worthy wooden outdoor kitchen has been built as a semi-covered structure to help shelter from the sun, rain and other extreme weather conditions. Even when covered, you’ll need to consider materials that are durable for outside use when creating your garden cooking space.

Jungle kitchen

Create an outdoor kitchen that blends right into your garden, with a wild alfresco feel. Talking Tables have created some brilliant outdoor Waterproof Paisley Outdoor rugs (from £40) that will withstand the elements and add a bold, contemporary feel to your outdoor kitchen.

Stone outdoor kitchen

When planning an outdoor kitchen, give the same consideration to materials that you would indoors. Work surfaces should be truly resistant to water and able to take the heat of a hot pan. Durable and resilient natural stone is an ideal choice. If you want a sink and running water, include it at the early planning stage to allow for pipework and waste to be installed first.

(Article source: Good Homes)

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