A new walking football club in Pool has been proving popular with the over-50s as a way to exercise with less risk of injury than the regular game.


FootballFalmouth Packet reports that the club meets at Pool Academy every Thursday for a session between seven and eight in the evening.

The first session is free and then £2 thereafter.

Chris Jones, coach and organiser, said: “For me it’s always been about exercise, fun and improving both my own, and others’ emotional and mental well being. It’s a great way of socialising, getting out of the house and meeting people.”

“I have always loved Cornwall, its people and beauty. I have not been disappointed in what I’ve experienced here so far. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, you’re always greeted with a warm smile, that’s certainly true here at our sessions as well!”

Walking football is a variant of the game with a few key rule changes aimed at making it more accessible to those over the age of 50. Any player, whether in possession or not, must not run or else a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.

All free kicks must be indirect, goals may not be scored directly from the kick off and a height restriction between the height of the crossbar and two metres must apply.

The Pool club’s first session attracted six players through flyers, social media and word of mouth, and in three subsequent weeks the numbers grew to 16, with two female players taking part.

Their ages range from 53 to 76 and players have been travelling from as far away as Helston and Penzance to take part in the low velocity game.

(Story source: Falmouth Packet)

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