If you’re currently single, then we have good news for you. The first ever dating app specifically designed for over 50s has arrived.


dating app50 Plus reports that Lumen launched last month in the UK and is designed using insights from existing dating sites.

With 100% of profiles photo-verified, an emphasis on quality conversations and zero tolerance for ageism, Lumen’s founders have created a safe, welcoming place for active over 50s to meet like-minded people.

There are currently 7.5 million single, divorced or widowed men and women in the UK aged over 50. But many worry about trying online dating, in particular because they are worried about scammers, and people not being who they say they are. To help reassure its members, and tackle one of the most common challenges of online dating, Lumen requires all users to upload a selfie when they sign up. The image doesn’t appear publicly, but it is cross-referenced by computers and human moderators, with the images uploaded to the dating profile.

This way Lumen ensures you are who you say you are.

Data from existing dating apps shows that the people over 50 prefer longer, more detailed messages and profiles. And so Lumen has introduced a minimum character length for ice breaker messages on its platform to encourage meaningful conversations and help new relationships get off to the best start. Profiles are also more detailed, with everyone required to provide details on who they are and what they are looking for. And every single profile must contain at least 3 photos.

The app is free to join and use, and every day each member can start three new conversations with other users. This feature is designed to prevent spammy messages, and to encourage users to take time and think about who they contact and what they say.

Lumen is a joint venture from Antoine Argouges, former product manager and Head of Revenue at Match.com, Badoo, and Bumble, and renowned dating industry expert Charly Lester. Charly previously worked at the Guardian as their Dating Editor, and is the creator of The Dating Awards – industry awards for the online dating industry which focused on safety, customer service and consumer experience.

“The majority of single over-50s we know are tech-savvy, active, and looking for their next adventure. But this isn’t the reality we see reflected in the dating industry,” says Antoine Argouges, Lumen CEO. “Lumen finally provides a contemporary solution which over50s can rely on to meet like-minded people”.

Co-Founder and CMO Charly Lester adds “Over the years people have often asked me where their single parents should be dating, and I used to genuinely struggle to find an answer.

In Lumen we have created a space which embodies the values of our over-50s audience, and built the type of community we would happily recommend to our friends’ parents.”

Lumen is available to users in the UK and can be downloaded now, free of charge, from the App Store or Google Play store.

(Story source: BBC New)

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