Travelling is a good thing, and who can ever have enough of something good? We always want more. Making a living travelling the world is not a new thing anymore. It is getting more and more of a lifestyle. Want to join in? Here are a few cool tips on how to make the pot boil living that life of a nomad.

Side Jobs

1. Writing

It can be contributing to a company’s blog or copy-writing for websites. Some people skilled enough might also enjoy more complicated writing like research papers or essays to help out students in need. Productive essay writer at EssayPro make more than enough to cover their travel expenses. Savvies in the fields like computer hardware and software, biotechnology, electronics, engineering and such can try out technical writing as well. Whether it be academic, technical or creative writing, it can make a fascinating occupation to benefit from.

2. Photography

Would be a shame not to use this job opportunity while travelling. Visiting new places and discovering new things, you are guaranteed to have loads of cool shots to pitch online. Additionally, for those who are into photography, another option is editing other people’s pictures in Photoshop.

3. Fiverr

It sounds like a bummer your price per gig on Fiverr can be only $5. Yet is it? Just sell small gigs that will require more to them afterwards. Up-sell charges on Fiverr for any extra services can go as high you find reasonable.

4. Pitch travel stories

What is travel without a story? Stories are around every corner even when you don’t look for them. A cool writing style combined with unique stories will bring in a fair return.

5. Blogging

Whether you visit popular sights or explore odd corners of the globe, writing a personal blog is almost a must. Not only because blogging itself is enjoyable. A traveller needs their bread and butter too. Place affiliate links in your posts and every sell done via them will give you a nice commission.

6. Teaching via Skype

Private and group Skype sessions dedicated to teaching and tutoring can be a good source of income while travelling too.

7. Online Courses

When it is inconvenient to teach in real time and stick to a schedule, do it via online courses. Platforms like Teachable and Udemy will welcome you.

8. Creative Market and Envato Market

Sell gigs like web designs, graphics, fonts, stock photos, video footage, jingles, etc. on Creative Market and Envato Market.

9. Social Media Assistance Make better use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media by managing a company’s social media account or channel. Be prepared to spend time helping in developing projects, managing events and engaging with your community.

10. Instagram

Great online job option for a travelling person. Post cool high-quality pictures and stories regularly and don’t forget to give enough attention to your followers. A popular Instagram account can make money via affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc. To use Instagram for showcasing the pictures for sale, be sure to add watermarks on them.

11. Teespring

Make money easy as pie by selling unique designs on Teespring. The platform will provide you with all the necessary tools if needed as well. Have your designs printed on mugs, pillows, T-shirts, socks, etc., and just sell them.

12. Subtitling

The luckiest ones get hired by big companies like Netflix. But even if that is just subtitling for a YouTube channel, it can still be a pretty good source of income.

13. Transcribing

With a keen ear and high speed of touch-typing transcribing is a rather promising field where one could dig for gold too.

14. Proofreading

Excellent grammar and stylistics knowledge is a must for this one. Be ready to meticulously proofread pages and pages of material to make a good income in that niche. Proofreading court records is in high demand and usually pays well.

15. E-books and audio-books

Selling e-books and audio-books on Amazon should not be underestimated. Travelling with all its positive emotions and new experiences is very inspiring. Fiction, thriller, fantasy, romance – they all will sell well. If you are a non-fiction writer, selling books about things like practical psychology, handicrafts or physical fitness is profitable too. And of course, you can write books based on your travelling experience: wildlife, cuisine, rock climbing, history, culture, etc.

(Story source: Mature Times) 

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