Being greener has never been easier. We reveal how to help protect the planet by using less plastic and recycling more.

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2019 has been a big year when it comes to plastic. So many more of us are now finally trying to use less, recycle more and just generally think about the planet. And it’s high time. But there’s always at least one extra change you can make. A recent YouGov poll revealed that almost half of us (49%) admit we ‘could do more’ when it comes to recycling, so now’s the time to start.

“We believe that simple swaps, from plastic to paper and cardboard alternatives, could significantly reduce single-use plastic, says Alex Manisty, group head of strategy at DS Smith, a sustainable packaging company. “While there is no silver bullet, sustainable packaging has a huge role to play – and unlike plastic – paper and cardboard are materials that are recyclable not just in theory but in practice, achieving recycling rates of 85% today across Europe.”

So, how can you do more? Try making these easy eco swaps at home…

Keep food fresh without using cling film

You can use off cuts of fabric, covered in beeswax and coconut oil instead of cling film, to keep food fresh in the fridge. Or if that’s too much like hard work, you can buy your own beeswax wraps. Try Bee’s Wrap Assorted Reusable Food Wraps – Pack of 3, £15.99 (was £19.99), Lakeland.

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