Spring has sprung, the days are warmer and the nights are longer. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, this is when it really comes into its own, a place to entertain and to relax in.

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However even the most cared for garden can sometimes look a bit tired, so how do you put some new life into it?

A great idea that makes a real difference is to bring the indoors outside and decorate your garden as an extension of your home, injecting style and personality into it.

Let’s look at some of the best ideas in outdoor garden décor, transforming your garden no matter the size or budget.

Garden Lighting

There is something magical about a garden in the evening, make it even more so by adding some new and imaginative lighting to yours. Fairy lights strung around trees and tea lights in glass jars create a wonderful mood and a magical atmosphere. You can also hang some outdoor lanterns within the trees or even place some hurricane lanterns on your patio for a lovely effect.

Ladder Planters

Whether you have a little space or a lot, an old wooden ladder is a great way to display your pots and flowers. Simply clean it, sand it down and if you want paint it in a new fresh colour. Then all you need to do is position your flower pots on different levels of the ladder planter and secure them against a feature wall. This is a great idea if you have a small garden and are short on space.

Colourful Pots

A quick and easy way to inject colour into your garden is with new pots. There is a huge range of different coloured ceramic pots available now. Experiment in your garden with bright and bold colours to really get that instant wow factor.


Mirrors of all shapes and sizes are a fantastic way to make your garden feel more spacious. For instant garden wall décor, hang a full length mirror for an illusion of space or a couple of small mirrors side by side for a window effect. You will find that a well-placed mirror will reflect sunlight and take your interior style outdoors.

Inspiring Patios

If your patio or decking has been looking rather dull, why not invest in a statement outdoor rug? Or for something even more creative try some peel and stick floor tiles. These are stylish and inexpensive when compared to painting or staining the tiles. However, as a cosmetic addition bear in mind they may not be long-lasting unless protected from the elements.

Vibrant and bright parasols on your patio table or some new cushions and seat covers for chairs can also make a real impact on your outdoor seating area at a minimal cost.


Outside decoration with paint can brighten up your garden instantly. There are so many inspiring exterior paint colours to choose from to make a real impact. Luckily there is a paint for nearly every surface outside so you can spruce up a fence or a statement wall in no time. Just remember to prepare the surface first before you start.

Repurposing plant pots

You don’t have to stick with the same old tried and tested plant pots. When it comes to decorating your garden why not try repurposing old objects such as kettles, wheelbarrows or watering cans? Not only will they inject some creativity and style into your garden but repurposing is great for the environment! If you would rather stick to traditional pots try experimenting with different sizes or unusual plants to create an eye-catching display in a corner of your garden.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some fantastic ideas on enhancing your outdoor garden décor. Have fun with them, get creative and enjoy the result!

(Article source: Silver Surfers)

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