All four UK governments had pledged to vaccinate all over 50s by mid April.

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Wales Online reports that the Welsh Government has hit the key vaccination target. Everyone over 50 and all at-risk adults with underlying health conditions have been offered a first dose of a Covid vaccine in Wales.

This means that from this week those in the 40-49 age group will start receiving appointments to come in for a jab. It is expected that
the other milestone target of 1.5m first doses is also expected to be met this week.

This means that everyone in the first nine priority groups have been offered the vaccine, a target the Welsh Government had promised to hit “by the spring”.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “The second milestone has been achieved, all phase one priority groups have been offered a
vaccine by the NHS. “We are encouraging people in these priority groups who haven’t yet had a vaccine to contact their local health
board to arrange it.”

What does this actually mean?

This does not mean that everyone in all those priority groups who want a vaccination have had it. It just means they have been offered their first jab. At the moment 152,479 people in the age 50-54 category have been vaccinated – 67% of the total.

Many will have been given a date for their jab but not yet received it. The Welsh Government is currently focusing on making sure people get their second dose of the vaccine which has slightly slowed the progress through the priority groups.

Wales should soon be getting some of the Moderna vaccine which should help speed the rollout.

(Story source: Wales Online)

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