The frequency with which consumers have encountered the word coronavirus is thought to have pushed Corona to the forefront of drinkers’ minds.

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Inews reports that Corona lager was one of the fast-growing grocery products in the UK this year, despite the negative associations of its name.

Britons piled an additional £2.1bn worth of lager, wine and spirits into their supermarket trolleys during 2020 while they steered clear
of their favourite pubs and restaurants, figures from market insights firm Nielsen show.

Corona Extra was among the lagers to experience the largest growth in the 52 weeks to 5 September. Supermarket sales of the Mexican beer rose £68m on 2019, an increase of 40 per cent, making it the tenth fastest-growing grocery product.

Beef claimed the number-one spot where grocery products were concerned, with sales £162m higher than in 2019. Sausages came in second with sales up £126m, followed by chicken, which experienced growth of £120m.

While the overall meat category enjoyed a substantial sales boost of £439m, lager was the fastest-growing category, with sales rocketing £792m to £4.4bn in 2020, according to the data. Wine and spirits also saw huge gains of £717m and £567m.

‘Beer coronavirus’ confusion

The explosion of popularity enjoyed by Corona beer might come as a surprise given it shares its name with the disease that has marred the planet – in January Google Trends data revealed searches for “corona beer virus” and “beer coronavirus” were rocketing, indicating the brand might fall out of favour.

However, branding experts have suggested that the frequency with which consumers have encountered the word “coronavirus” has had the effect of pushing Corona to the forefront of drinkers’ minds.

Brand awareness

Writing in Marketing Week earlier this year, Mark Ritson, a brand consultant and former marketing professor, said: “We’re all constantly hearing the word ´Corona´, and regardless of whether it prefaces the word ´virus´ that’s going to keep the brand front of

He added: “When you walk into a bar, the question is not ‘Does this pandemic make you feel different about any of the beers on the following list?’. The question is: ‘What can I get you?’.

For many people, the answer will be Corona, Mr Ritson said: “Not because of what it stands for. Not because of the negative associations it evokes. Just because that was the first beer that came to mind.”

Coronaviruses are named after the Latin word for crown for the crown-like spikes that can be observed on their surface under a microscope.

The logo for Corona Extra is based on the crown that adorns the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

(Story source: Inews)

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