Thinking of buying a new home? In this article for Elder Freedom, Michael Longsdon looks at which professionals you’ll need on your house-hunting journey, how to find them, and what red flags to watch out for:

House Buying

The Pros
Here are some professionals you should work with when buying your home:

  1. The first professional you’ll want on your home buying team is an experienced estate agent. The right agent will help you figure out just what you’re looking for – and give you plenty of options to find a great match.
  2. A mortgage advisor can help you navigate the ins and outs of getting your home loan.
  3. Your home inspector will give you invaluable insight into the property’s pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Once you buy, a deep-cleaner can help get your home move-in ready.

Finding Your Team
Getting a name is just the beginning.

  • Talk with friends, family, and colleagues who have purchased a home to get some referrals.
  • Interview potential estate agents and ask for references.
  • Check online reviews to get a sense of their past experience (but beware of fake reviews).

Red Flags to Look Out For
Be wary of any professional who:

  • Is reluctant to give references, or won’t show you their portfolio.
  • Shares information you know to be wrong or misleading.
  • Rubs you up the wrong way. You’ll interact with these professionals repeatedly, so keep looking until you find someone you click with.

Buying a house is a big undertaking, but it’s easier when you have a great team on your side. Hopefully, this guide gives you the tools you need to find that team, so your house hunt is smooth and successful!

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