Are you booking your holiday 2019? Latest Brexit news has revealed that more Britons are booking holiday cottages in the UK, boosting the market.


BBC news reports that Brexit appears to be boosting the UK holiday cottages industry. Uncertainty over Brexit is fuelling a marked increase in bookings of UK self catering cottages according to Original Cottages.

The company is a hub of nearly 5,000 holiday lets across England and Wales. It claims that demand for Original Cottages properties is not just for the summer holidays, but across the year and right up to next Christmas.

Original Cottages revealed that their year on year data from January 2018 to 2019 shows that Long lead bookings, or early-bird bookings, are up by almost two thirds.

There are 58 per cent more bookings for Christmas than this time last year. What is more, many more people are turning to UK holiday cottages for the first time.

The firm revealed that new customer bookings are up by 65 per cent. February half term breaks are up 37 per cent. Short breaks are up 56 per cent, while bookings overall are up 13 per cent.

Sonia Holman, Marketing Director at Original Cottages, said: “Current political uncertainty around our status in the EU makes booking an overseas trip feel like a risky prospect. “There may well be a large group of people who usually go abroad, but given these conditions, and reflecting on the beautiful summer in the UK last year, are looking at options closer to home.”

Sonia said that the self catering option allows you to control your costs on holiday. She added: “A pound is a pound. There are no currency fluctuations or uncertainties to contend with if you stay in the UK.”

How will Brexit affect flights?

The IATA said the whopping number of pre-arranged bookings were “at risk” while consumer watchdog Which? mused how the flight industry has been “unwilling” to offer information about quitting the union without a solid deal in place.

The news will no doubt strike fear into the hearts of travellers who have already planned holidays post March 29 – the day Mrs May has stated the UK will leave the EU.

The confusion comes as the EU vowed to keep the number of flights to the geo-political area at the same numbers as last year, with routes continuing to operate between the EU and UK.

Yet it has been reported the actual number of tickets sold has been increased, meaning more travellers could be affected in a no deal.


(Story source: The Express)

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