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It used to be the province of movie stars and footballer’s wives only, but increasingly cosmetic surgery is coming within the reach of mere mortals.


From a simple nip and tuck here to a major lift there, cosmetic surgery is a growth business and more of us than ever are taking the plunge. In fact plunges in most parts of the body can now be surgically corrected. Cosmetic surgery is not only performed for aesthetic reasons, it can be a natural follow on to improve appearance after medical problems. Who can forget some of the terrible images we have seen after acts of terrorism, what we do not see is the brilliant work which cosmetic surgeons often do to repair mutilations and bring self respect back to traumatised victims. But it was a lighter side of life which brought cosmetic, or plastic as it was called back then, surgery to prominence. The work prominence should give you a clue to the fact I am referring to, ahem, breasts. Well, there’s no point beating about the bush, it was you ladies who were unhappy with what nature gave you, so you either wanted to increase it or reduce it.

A poll has not been conducted as far as I know, but you’d be amazed at the number of silicone enhanced bosoms out there. It’s become a growth industry in more ways than one. But it is not just for aesthetical reasons that cosmetic surgery has its uses. Many unfortunate women, and men, have found it has restored parts affected by illness, none more so than mastectomy victims. If you want the technical terms for enlargement it is augmentation, mastoplexy is breast lifting and mammoplasty is reduction.

Now, tummy tucks. If surveys are to be believed, and I believe this one, tummy tucks will be increasingly popular as time goes by. Obesity is becoming a major problem, and even if you manage to lose the weight, chances are there’ll be a spare bit left over which could do with attention. Abdominoplasty may be the answer, that’s the posh name. If your abdominal muscles are weak this could be the answer. It’s a process which removes bits you don’t need and after a couple of nights in hospital you could be able to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!

As we all know, the mirror never lies and few of us can say we don’t have imperfections that we wouldn’t mind getting rid of. One of the most popular areas of surgery is liposculpture, and despite the name this is certainly not confined to the lips. Anywhere from your chin to your knees may benefit from the procedure. Areas suitable for treatment include: chin, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, and knees. Fat, as it is commonly called, is simply the increase in volume of these cells, and not the introduction of new ones. So when fat cells are removed using liposculpture new ones will not replace them.

I think it was Cilla Black who started the trend for “nose jobs”. It has since become the province of TV and film stars to re-shape the most prominent feature of the face and it is enduringly popular.This is called rhinoplasty and during a consultation a surgeon will tell you what change and improvement you can expect, after the black eyes have gone down of course! There are far more types of cosmetic surgery than you probably realise and these days it is not just the realm of the rich and famous who would like to put things back where they were in their youth.

Obesity is becoming a major problem in this convenience age. Parents are being told to expect obesity reports if their children are overweight, although goodness knows how they could fail to notice. It’s a far cry from schooldays of forty years ago when malnutrition was more likely to be the problem, and a school dinner was often the best meal a child would have in a day. But obesity may not necessarily be down to lifestyle. It could be due to a slow metabolism or genetic disorder and cosmetic surgery may help. Gastric bands have had amazing results for some people and achieved weight loss of up to 87 per cent. The band is placed at the entrance to the stomach and causes a feeling of “fullness” with a far less amount of food than the patient has probably been eating.

Hair transplants are also increasingly popular. Male pattern baldness is not the only cause of hair loss and many men, and women, have had their self esteem repaired by this relatively trouble free form of surgery. Many types of facial cosmetic surgery are used not just to lift a fading film star’s eyebrows and lids but for the victims of disfigurement brought on by accidents or birth defects.

Perhaps the most advertised form of surgery we come across each day is laser eye treatment. I have read many testimonials for this treatment and the general opinion seems to be the same. The procedure itself is painless, usually over in less than 15 minutes and the only slight discomfort may come from the protective contact lenses fitted for 24 hours after the treatment. I have read remarkable reports of people coming away with 20-20 vision, or better, after wearing glasses for years. Yes, there may be side effects but a good surgeon or clinic will explain all of these in great detail before you commit.

Cosmetic surgery is a vast subject and if you are considering any part of it seek expert advice. There is certainly plenty of it out there to reassure you before you take the plunge which could change your life, and appearance, for the better.

(Article source: Third Age)

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