Try something different: Hobbies and interests for over 50’s


Everyone has an interest. Interests may be in sports, the arts, the home or anywhere else. Alone time hobbies are quite huge; people of today have lots of it and the need to try different things can come up any minute.


Hobbies and pastimes for over 50’s can be both expensive and cheap. These hobbies are activities that help shape individuals’ personalities, energise lifestyle, act as inspiration, and connect them with like-minded people. Being over 50 can be awkward for some but to those who are creative enough, age is just a number. Hobbies are also proven to improve one’s mental health. If you are stressed or anxious, or just a little down in the dumps, taking up a skill or hobby will help! Hobbies bring out the best in you. It gives life a different meaning. Let’s explore briefly some hobbies and pastimes for over 50’s. The first and most obvious choice is to take up a sport, the benefits are enormous. Physical and mental fitness, social life and sense of achievements will improve and increase dramatically from taking up a sport, let’s look at the top sports chosen for the over 50’s.


Though some don’t include this on their list, swimming is a good activity especially for the over 50s.

Jazzercize / Zumba
Fast paced and proven to slim down and tone up. This is also good for social interaction.

Tai Chi
This teaches them discipline, the Chinese way. Aqua aerobics This can be enjoyable and a good way to keep the body trim.

This activity relaxes not only the body but also the mind. Flexibility is improved so the risk of injuring yourself if you fall is decreased.

Golf helps in developing focus and motivation.

Dancing / Line, Latin, Square dancing.
This hobby is relaxing, a good fitness activity, and keeps the middle-aged physically fit.

Tones leg muscles and brings hikers to appreciate nature more.

Next on the list (and my personal favourite type of hobbies), activities that bring you closer to nature. You will find yourself relaxing and any worries will disappear.


Walking along the beach
This one provides a calming experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bird watching
Everyone likes this hobby because it only requires having a telescope, a pair of eyes, and appreciation of birds.

Sleeping out in a tent with the chirping birds and the sound of crickets is another way to forget about your hectic schedules.

Trail riding
Using a bike or a horse can be fun on the trails.

Those who own a camera may not stop at clicking once they see a good subject.

Flower arranging
This activity is known to many as a skill and talent – if you are thinking of taking this through to gardening, read Benefits of Gardening for more motivation!

Dog training
Training your dog and other people’s pets can be very satisfying.

DIY and handicraft hobbies are all the rage for the over 50’s – and are a good way to spend time with the grandkids too.

DIY and Handicrafts

Putting some little things together is a good measure to eliminate boredom.

Writing songs and children’s lullabies
This is a hobby that can make you earn as well as enjoy.

Home decorating / Gardening
Most of us love to take care of the garden and home and they treat these activities as mere hobbies.

Painting / Drawing
Those with artistic inclinations should be good with these art-related activities.

Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting and Counted Cross Stitch.
These are women’s favourite pastimes since time immemorial; makes a person productive.

Handicraft making
King earrings, beaded and sea shell jewellery – little crafts like this are affordable and can be done with the grandkids, double winner!

Also known as origami or paper folding, you can create many things using paper.

Learning calligraphy & Chinese ink painting
Learning hobbies from other nations is a good diversion for artists.

Cake decorating
Baking and cake decorating are popular hobbies and pastimes for the over 50’s

Pottery This involves skill and discipline. But many have indulged on pottery as a hobby.

Stained glass making
A little bit hard but with enough motivation, many women would love to try this.

Making cards for all occasions
Those who keep their friends and loved ones in mind never give up on this.

Skill based and educational hobbies will keep you occupied whilst strengthening memory and brain function.

Skills and Educational

Amateur drama
Not everybody can join in a club like this unless there is a background in acting.

Singing in the choir
Sundays can be fun with a choir and during practices.

Exploring parks, libraries and museums.
This provides you with new information about places you missed visiting for a time.

Books offer so much knowledge that satisfies the brain.

Take down notes on what had transpired in your life. These bits and pieces can become your family’s legacy.

Playing the piano or guitar
Knowing how to play a musical instrument provides for an instant respite.

On-line courses
Extra learning goes a long, long way most especially for the retired and those looking to progress in their career.

Learning new languages
A new language learn propels you to a more rewarding job or just makes for a good skill.

Crossword puzzles / Sudoku
Brain twisters like these keep the brain busy and help to build up strategic moves, they are also great for when you only have 5 minutes to spare.

Everything else!

Shopping / Window shopping
Having a substantial paycheck makes people go to malls or online to check new health, accessories and clothing trends.

Going to flea markets and garage sales
These are places that cheapskates go to satisfy their love for used items.

Joining charity shows and volunteer groups
People who love to meet and help others do this regularly.

Community radio
Joining a community radio can be a start of getting involved in several local organisations.

Classic car club and classic cars
Those who love vintage cars can join clubs or forums that connect them with people with the same interests.

Spiritual activities
Indulging in various types of spiritual activity consoles the mind and the soul.

Watching TV
Your room or the living room can be a good place to follow on your favourite old time movies.

Listing down all the names from your family down to the newest member of the family is fun and rewarding.

Listening to music
Some may listen to classical, standard or pop songs to remind them of their youth. You may find yourself singing and dancing along!

Playing games on iPad
Who doesn’t own an iPad nowadays and who doesn’t like to play a game or two before cooking dinner?

Social Media/Facebook
Connecting with friends and family is a great way to pass time and prevent loneliness or even make plans; a gateway to other hobbies!

(Article source: 50 Plus Info Bus)

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