Stay young… weed the garden


Tending your garden can make you feel younger and happier, research has found.


The Express reports that a regular spot of gardening gives the over-50s more of a “zest for life” than those who don’t have green fingers.

Gardeners are also more likely to be organised and optimistic than non-gardeners, say scientists. Researchers from two universities in Texas analysed almost 300 people over 50, dividing them into gardeners and non-gardeners. They found that 71 per cent of gardeners said they did not “feel old” compared with 57 per cent of non-gardeners. The gardeners also felt more energetic, got more exercise and were shown to be more mentally active.

There were also higher scores for “life satisfaction” among gardeners – while they were also more likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The researchers wrote: “These factors, combined with higher physical activity, result in healthier lifestyles and increased quality of life.”

(Article source: The Express)

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