With the sad news of the death today of Gordon Murray the creator of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley,   there will be many ‘baby boomers’ reflecting nostalgically on the wonderful series of childhood programmes which became a staple of our early lives.

sad-day-for-windy-millerMuch loved, and later parodied (as recently as September 2014, when according to Wikipedia, a spoof Twitter account @Trumpton_UKIP was created to parody the accounts of UKIP branches)  characters such as Windy Miller, Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble and Grubb have become icons of BBC childrens programming.

1st Class Windy Miller

Windy Miller even had the honour of adorning a 1st Class Stamp in 2014 along with other much loved stars of childrens shows from the past 60 years

Before the ‘Trumpton Trilogy’ Gordon Murray also brought to life the Captain Pugwash books first in black and white in the late fifties and early sixties and then to our screens in colour in the seventies.

Long Lost Series

Does anyone remember the Realm of Rubovia? I don’t but would love to hear from any of you who do! Please enjoy the clip courtesy of YouTube.  Murray also created 13 five minute films entitled The Gublins which were shown during Noel Edmonds Multicolour Swapshop in the late seventies. You can read more about them on ToonHound

TrumptonYou can, of course, buy the complete Trilogy set of digitally remastered DVD’s from, where else, Amazon! For a cool £56 (price correct at time of press…!)

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