Risky business: An increasing number of over-50s are enjoying extreme sports on holiday


The phenomenon of ‘holiday brain’ is encouraging people over 50 to live life on the edge and take part in risky activities such as waterskiing, parasailing and bungee jumping, according to new research.


The Daily Mail reports that a survey found that around 13 per cent of older travellers take part in extreme sports while on holiday because they are less inhibited when travelling.

Fourteen per cent of these adventurous travellers had tried waterskiing, while another 14 per cent have opted for parasailing, according to the survey by Gnu Insurance. Scuba diving was the next most popular extreme activity, followed by windsurfing, surfing, rock climbing, bungee jumping and caving. However, despite the potential dangers, over 13 per cent of those surveyed said they would consider holidaying without insurance.

Paul Thilo, general manager at Gnu Insurance, says: ‘Our research shows that an increasing amount of older travellers are throwing caution to the wind while on holiday and taking part in activities that they’d never even think of at home. ‘Shockingly, a large number of over 50s are even choosing not to take out insurance as they are happy to take the risks involved.’

Another recent survey by ABTA revealed 20 per cent of British travellers do not take out insurance before going on holiday, with a fifth of respondents believing the UK government would cover their health bills if they required medical treatment.

(Article source: Daily Mail)

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