If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that you could just stop watching Netflix and do something productive with your time, this one’s for you.


Mostly because a lot of these new hobbies could be done while watching your latest shows so you can multitask like a boss and have something to show for it.

Cross stitch

I have a few cross stitch designs under my belt now and can verify that (once you get the hang of it), cross stitch actually is really simple. As long as you keep an eye on your thread and the back of the Aida cloth to ensure nothing’s getting tangled, you should be right as rain. Find yourself some downloadable patterns, materials, possibly a mentor who has been cross stitching for 30+ years (cheers, Mum!) and go for it!


We can’t all be Kerrie Hess but what’s the harm in giving it a go? If you mess up, just pretend it’s abstract art. And if you don’t find watercolours at least slightly entrancing then I don’t know how to speak to you.

Paper folding

You could go for the traditional origami, or you could get your eyes on a secondhand book and make something that will have people believing you’re a page-folding savage and/or the coolest human they’ve ever met.

Learn sign language

OK, you might actually have to go to classes for this one but it’s plain awesome for a couple of reasons. You’re learning a new language that requires your mind and your body to be engaged, and you could make someone’s day by surprising them with your ability to communicate on the same level.


Why spend inordinate amounts of money on candles when you could make them yourself? This is perfect for anyone who (like me) is candle-obsessed.

Learn a foreign language

Do you have an overseas trip coming up? Do you have relatives in other countries who you can’t talk to without a third-party mediator? Do your grandparents sometimes mock you in another language? Show them all how amazing you are by signing up for some classes, or go solo with an app (try Duolingo or Babbel). If you have access to someone who is fluent in your chosen language, try setting aside one morning a week to speak in that language and improve your fluency.


You know all those clothes that look amazing but are totally unaffordable? You could learn how to make them! Or at least something kind of similar to them because come on, you’re not an actual designer yet. Skirts are an easy thing to start with, and you can work your way up to being amazing.

Tying knots

Just like with picking locks, I’m not advocating any weird business here. Don’t go tying people up unless they consent to it. It’s another puzzle, and a skill that will probably come in handy if/when our society crumbles into a dystopian civilisation.


You could do regular knitting or you could knit giant blankets with your arms because you’re not patient enough to knit-one-purl-one through life.

Learn to cook

FYI, I’m talking about something other than ramen or pasta. Teach yourself how to make a stir fry, a curry, some pad Thai -start simple and work your way up until you should win MasterChef.

Sell your stuff, become minimalist and move to sweden.

Sometimes you just need to become a minimalist and live the simple life with some Ikea furniture.

Do some hardcore budgeting

Set up a savings plan, decide how often you can go out to lunch, maybe prepare your lunches for the rest of the working week and set some savings goals. If you’re a super nerd, this can be really interesting and you might just feel like a dragon hoarding all your money.


If you’ve learnt to tie some knots and how to shoot a bow and arrow, you’re definitely surviving the dystopian future and my money’s on you in The Hunger Games. Side note: you could also learn parkour and be the coolest person ever.

Escape rooms

What could be more fun than locking yourself in a room until you solve a really difficult puzzle to ensure your survival? Nothing.

Ballroom dancing

There’s more than one way to bust a move on the dance floor. You. Would. Look. Amazing.

Test your dexterity

Por qué no los dos? Teach yourself how to write with your non-dominant hand, teach yourself how to tie your shoelaces back-to-front, use a mouse, etc. You’ll soon be invincible.

(Article source: Style Magazine)

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