Are overland adventure trips a good choice for over 50s?


Increasing number of people in the over 50 age bracket are opting to take gap years, with overland adventures particularly popular, says travel expert.


Dragonman reports that we often think of gap years of being the sole preserve of youngsters fresh out of school or university, but there is no reason why older people should not be able to enjoy an overseas adventure in exciting locations around the world.

With a bit of extra time on their hands after retirement, an overland adventure in particular could be ideal for those aged 50 and over. According to Liz Harper, head of marketing and digital editor at Footprint Travel Guides, this is something many in this age group have already decided to do.

“I think the fact that they have the time to do it, means that they can take extended trips,” she commented. “The other thing that has been seen over the last year or so is doing things like overlanding trips which tends to be months rather than weeks. I guess they have got the benefit of time and the ability to take that sort of time off.”

The travel expert noted that the image of those in or reaching retirement looking to stick to tried and tested foreign destinations, such as the Spanish coast, is now in many cases outdated, with a desire for much more “authentic experiences” now apparent. Wildlife adventures are particularly popular with over 50s, she said, meaning destinations such as Africa could be ideal, as well as many places in Asia and South America.

“There has been an increase in people wanting to see wildlife adventures which all seem to be really popular,” commented Ms Harper. “We are seeing more interest in some of the places which are coming to a fore, places like Borneo and Africa and I guess that is because of the wildlife experiences that are on offer there. Latin America seems to be a popular destination too.”

(Article source: Dragonman)

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