Joanna Lumley beats Michael Palin to be voted top travel companion for
over 50s


TV poll also reveals that Death in Paradise is the biggest travel inspiration, followed by Broadchurch.


RadioTimes reports that the results of a new survey have revealed that over 50s are looking for fun on their holidays. 35 per cent of voters picked Joanna Lumley as the star they’d most like to travel with.

“I am thrilled and delighted to have been chosen,” said Lumley. “My next travel programme in China, Mongolia, Siberia and Russia (Joanna Lumley’s Trans Siberian Adventure) is especially for all those sweet but absent travelling companions who voted for me, and who are in my thoughts wherever I go.”

Monty Python star and veteran traveller Michael Palin just missed out on the top spot in the Silver Surfers survey. He came second with 25 per cent of the votes, while crooner Michael Buble gained 10 per cent of the votes. Professional ballroom dancer Len Goodman, Countryfile presenter Ben Fogle, James Bond actor Daniel Craig and recently sacked Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson also made it into the top ten.

Voters picked Australia as their number one holiday destination if money were no option, followed by far flung destinations New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji and Barbados. Chillier spots also made it in to the top ten, including Alaska, Antarctica and Iceland in 6th, 7th and 8th, respectively in the poll.

The survey also revealed that TV has a huge impact on holiday choices. Respondents picked Death in Paradise as the top show to inspire them to travel. Set in Guadeloupe, it follows an English police officer as he cracks cases in the Caribbean. ITV’s hit crime series Broadchurch was runner-up, inspiring people to travel to Dorset’s striking Jurassic Coast. Downton Abbey is yet again a firm favourite – thousands of people have travelled to Highclere Castle and its Hampshire/Berkshire surrounds for a closer look at where the Crawley family dramas take place.

See below for the full results of the Silver Surfer poll:

Top travel companions for the over 50s:

1. Joanna Lumley 35%
2. Michael Palin 25%
3. Michael Buble 10%
4. Len Goodman 8%
5. Ben Fogle 6%
6. Daniel Craig 4%
7. Bear Grylls 4%
8. Judith Chalmers 4%
9. Jeremy Clarkson 3%
10. Angelina Jolie 1%

Top travel destinations (if money were no object):

1. Australia 26%
2. New Zealand 23%
3. Hawaii 12%
4. Fiji 9%
5. Barbados 8%
6. Alaska 5%
7. Antartica 5%
8. Iceland 4%
9. Brazil 4%
10. Las Vegas 4%

TV shows that most inspire travel:

1. Guadeloupe, Death in Paradise 34%
2. West Bay, Dorset, Broadchurch 29%
3. Highclere Castle, Berkshire, Downton Abbey 10%
4. The Chilterns, Oxfordshire, Midsomer Murders 7%
5. Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, Wolf Hall 5%
6. Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale 5%
7. Benidorm, Benidorm 4%
8. East End of London, Call the Midwife 3%
9. Oxford Street, London, Mr Selfridge 2%
10. Weatherfield, Manchester, Coronation Street 1%

(Article source: RadioTimes)

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