Inspired by the kids: Over-50s travellers take recommendations from the next generation


When it comes to choosing their holidays, a new generation of over-50s travellers are spreading their wings and exploring countries recommended by their children.


The Daily Mail reports that a new report has found that older holidaymakers are turning their backs on Spain, the Canaries and Portugal after hearing about the experiences of younger relatives who have travelled the globe.

Four out of ten over-50s are now going on holidays to destinations they never dreamt of going to when they were young and one in ten has visited a country after their children returned home raving about it. Backpackers paradise Thailand is among the locations which parents are visiting in the wake of their children’s travels.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: ‘Getting older no longer means relaxing and taking it easy as it seems the older generation is more adventurous than ever. ‘Parents and grandparents are now listening to experiences of their children or grandchildren after returning from their holidays and dream of doing the same thing. ‘But rather than sitting back and soaking up the stories through their young relatives, over 50s are now booking similar trips themselves so they have their own adventurous tales to tell. ‘We’ve seen a rise in the number of over 50s booking trips to far-flung destinations once their children have left home and an increase in long duration holidays, with some booking 21 and 42 night packages. ‘It seems that travelling the world is no longer reserved for school leavers or college students.’

And older traveller’s are not just sticking to two-week jaunts, more than 50 per cent are planning to travel the world once they retire. Researchers also found that 44 per cent of over-50s are jealous of the travelling younger people do these days. Almost one in ten even admitted to booking a holiday to a particular destination to appear younger or more adventurous than they really are.

The study found that 40 per cent of over 50s opted for an adventure-filled break, taking part in every excursion and activity they can squeeze into their trip. A spokesman for Thomas Cook added: ‘Since we offered the first round the world trip 140 years ago this year, we have made the idea of going away to locations not previously thought of and for a long period of time a lot cheaper for customers, which goes some way to explaining why we’re seeing this trend occurring.’

The top 10 destinations for over-50s according to the survey are:

1. Australia
2. Canada
3. New Zealand
4. USA
5. Caribbean
6. Italy
7. Seychelles
8. Ireland
9. Florida
10. Maldives

(Article source: Daily Mail)

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