As observed by that famously clever ancient Greek Aristotle, we humans are “by nature a social animal” and when we find ourselves approaching retirement, for some, a single life that had seemed quite empowering and fun, becomes a more daunting prospect. You may of course have recently become single but whatever your reasons for wanting to start dating the questions on your mind are much the same.

Where Do I Start?

If you fall into the recently single category you may need to take some extra time before venturing into dating – accepting that a previous relationship is over before embarking upon a new one is likely to make your endeavours more successful. You may like the idea of a bit of a change, a newer you to show to the world. This might be the time to try the different hairdo you have been thinking about or treat yourself to a new outfit. Anything that helps to give your confidence a little bit of a boost is a good idea.

Meeting New People

Traditionally the easiest way to meet new people comes via our friends. Getting out and about and joining clubs,

renewing an old hobby or past time. If you join a club which offers an activity that you enjoy, you will be with other people who enjoy similar activities to yourself. If you enjoy a sport the same logic applies, most sports have age groupings so finding the appropriate group for your age or ability shouldn’t be difficult. If you enjoy entertaining but don’t know who to invite then maybe you could offer to help cater a group meeting? If you are retired you might even consider taking a part time job for a few hours a week or perhaps volunteering.

Online Dating

The modern way of course is to meet people online. There are numerous websites dedicated to online dating, and some of them have provided sites for ‘older’ users. Staying safe when internet dating is the subject of numerous news articles but the basic advice works for both online dating and off line dating – Safety first – meet in very public places and do not give out your personal details such as your address or home phone number.

Dating For the Over 55's

However you decide to make new friends, don’t put too much pressure on a fledgeling relationship as it is likely to put someone off – don’t forget that ultimately, according once again to that ancient Greek “Happiness depends upon ourselves”

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