Exercise is Good

We all know that exercise is good for us, but it can be a real slog at times – and often quite a solitary pursuit. Dance classes or groups can offer much more – giving a social dimension which can be enormously beneficial in terms of well being. Getting out and meeting up with other similarly aged people within a local community can do wonders in the war against loneliness and isolation.

Dance Strictly for the Over 55's

Dance is for Everyone

It is inclusive and participants in specialised groups are able to dance at their own pace. Most dance groups set up for older dancers will accommodate all levels of fitness and mobility.
Susan Venn, co-director of the Centre for Research on Ageing at Surrey University has said
“There’s quite a lot of research that shows that the social dimension is almost as important as the physical dimension. Engagement with others in the community has as many health benefits in terms of mental well-being as the physical benefits of keeping moving in later life.”

And don’t forget the Men

Susan Venn goes on to say that dance “is most commonly associated with older women, and I think there’s a bit of a trick missed in terms of older men, who are often more isolated anyway. Sometimes older men need a lot of encouragement to get out,”

New Our Place Events Listings

We are starting off our newly created Our Place ‘Events’ page with a number of dance classes around the UK so if you fancy tripping the light fantastic then watch this space for an announcement shortly!

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