My Not So Secret Diary

Having a personal blog seems to me to be simply a very public form of diary writing. Whereas in times gone by a diary was a fiercely guarded secret often done up securely with a lock and key and tucked away, these days whether it is social media or via a blog, secrecy is no longer seen as advantageous and sharing is what it is all about! 

Two New Blogs a Second

According to Wikipedia, a blog is “a discussion or informational site….consisting of discrete entries…typically displayed in reverse chronological order” and since the 1990’s these have been appearing in vast numbers across the internet.  According to a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second!  From a simple personal diary type blog to the more bizarre such as a blog about the unnecessary use of quotations… there seems to a blog covering almost everything.

Daunting Task

The art of writing in a public setting such as an online blog, or even on social media such as FaceBook or Twitter can be quite daunting if you are new to it due to the quite personal style it affords.  It can be difficult too knowing just where to begin. What on earth would you write about, will your friends think you are perhaps sharing a little too much? How interesting are you anyway and what about all the technical stuff that goes with it? (I use WordPress but there are a number of alternatives which you can see reviewed here)

This is your opportunity to share

letter-1234154-640x480If however you don’t fancy going down the ‘Blogging’ route but still would like an online voice, we would love to hear from you at OurPlace. You could write to us regarding your experiences, especially if you feel knowledgeable about something which you think may be of interest. Perhaps you have a favourite holiday destination or you like boating, caravanning, nature, history, books… the list is endless. If you have recently taken up a hobby, or renewed an interest in something then do please tell us about it. Perhaps you are an instructor, if so we will add your classes to our Things To Do pages. This is your opportunity to share your insights.  You may have a product or service that you would like us to showcase?  Your contribution would be greatly appreciated – we would like to make OurPlace a shared experience with a view to it becoming YourPlace too! Email us today.

Take a Dipcold-feet-1561424-640x480

Your contributions, be they regular articles or one off reports, could be online within days of submission so please send anything you would like to contribute to us here. All emails will be acknowledged and responded to personally. And who knows, this could be the start of something, and may even prove to be your first steps on the road to a blog of your own?

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