Article 50 has been invoked and the pound has lost value. However, three quarters of over 50s are planning a holiday this year as sense of adventure remains strong.


Older is Wiser reports that the uncertainty of the pound doesn’t seem to have impacted Brits’ sense of adventure, with only a 5% fall in people planning holidays between the next 12 months and the last. The over 55s are leading the way in refusing to let worry over Brexit impact their holidays, with only a 2% drop in those planning to go away this year.

According to the Adventure Report by, award-winning insurer for campervans, motorhomes and caravans, 46% wish their holidays were more adventurous. However, keeping up with their social media peers could be a more prevalent issue for the young; a huge 72% of 18-24s wish their holidays were more adventurous, whereas almost two thirds of over 55s (65%) are perfectly happy with their travels.

Independence and exploration are big factors in our holiday choices, with 50% of Brits saying they’d be keen to road trip in a leisure vehicle, citing the freedom to travel freely to different places as the most appealing factor. The research also revealed we are staying fitter and more active for longer, with action sports such as hiking, surfing and climbing ranking in the top three contributing factors to a holiday’s adventure rating across age groups.

In general, women seem to be putting more pressure on themselves to push themselves out of their comfort zone, with 59% wishing they were more adventurous, versus 48% of men. Regionally, the thirst for exploration was strongest in the North East and the South West, with 53% wanting more adventurous holidays, with residents of Yorkshire and the Humber happiest with their lot; 59% thought they were thrill-seeking enough.

(Story source: Older is Wiser)

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