Ballet dancing is not just for the young, as these over 50s prove.


A new class for the over-50s has set out to improve fitness, combat illnesses and form friendships, all through the power of ballet.


The Guardian reports that Silver Years Ballet had its first ever weekly session at Lopping Hall in Loughton yesterday (September 13). The class, which has a suggested age range of between 50 and 90-years-old, teaches ballet moves for beginners.

Director Carrie Johnson said: “We adapt it slightly so there is no high impact. “It is gentle exercise – all about posture, standing up straight, keeping shoulders in the same position.” Ms Johnson said the classes, which run at nine other venues in Essex and Hertfordshire, can have a range of benefits other than just improved fitness. She claimed some reports showed the regular activity and use of co-ordination could help ward off dementia. The classes are also a social event, she said, with the chance to chat after dance sessions. “It gets people that maybe don’t get out normally, it is an exercise class that is not intimidating,” she said. “We have a cup of coffee afterwards and they get to know each other, I think that is really important. “It is really a community thing, we have had people come along who have recently been widowed. “They said they enjoyed coming because each week they had something to look forward to. “They are all in similar circumstances and they are coming together as a group, up at the same level, it is really nice.”

(Article source: The Guardian)

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