Forecasters have announced that this summer we are likely to see temperatures soar, but for one former member of the Royal Meteorological Society the real truth is not quite so newsworthy – and the clues are all around us.

Source: Telegraph

summerAccording to amateur climatologist David King, the flora and fauna are telling a different story, and he is confident that his skill at interpreting the natural signs will prove to be rather more accurate than the latest technology used by the pro’s.

The UK media ran with the story that we would be having a record summer in 2009 with the predictions by the Met Office that Britain was in for a ‘barbecue summer‘ however according to Met records, July that year was “much wetter than normal, with over 200% of average widely; for England and Wales it was the wettest July on record in a series back to 1914.”

Online weather forecaster UK Weather Forecast have added in an update: Long range forecast models continue to be in conflict with each over the UK summer output, with some going cooler and wetter and others projecting a warm and dry summer. So, nothing new there! Seriously though, it all has something to do with that global phenomenon, the band of warm ocean water known as El Niño and its counterpart La Niña.

The Express has got extremely excited about this years summer forecast, reporting: 90 DAYS OF SUNSHINE: are we in for a good summerBritain set for hottest summer in 40 YEARS as the mercury rockets, but if David King’s prediction from the “number of broods these [migratory] birds have, and this year it would appear that the birds will only have one rather than the usual two – signifying a worse summer than usual.” prove correct you may want to hold off your purchase of a brand new barbecue for a while!


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