What are second careers

What Are Second Careers?

A second career can be another way of carrying on with what you already do. It can be about using things you’re already good at to start a new line of work.

It can involve getting new skills, updating ones you have and getting qualifications. For many people a second career can be about reinventing yourself and doing something you never thought you would.

Many of us need or want to keep on earning, and we’re all ageless when it comes to enjoyment and learning.

Some people worry that remaining in work blocks employment opportunities for younger people. However, the PWC report on working longer says the economy is stimulated by people staying in work, thus making things better for younger generations.

Having a second (or third, or fifth) career is about using your abilities and the knowledge of a lifetime – for your own benefit and for everyone.

Brian Kent of the Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company says that: “Apart from the huge accumulated cost of hard earned skills, talent, nous, and experience going to waste, no country can afford to have 11 million ‘dependents’ reliant on a numerically declining younger generation.

The world has changed. The old stereotypes are no longer valid. People in their 60s, 70, and 80s climb mountains, run marathons and start University courses.”

This section is about helping each other find the best ways to make a decent living for fun, fulfilment and for the good of everyone and you can see how to launch your own second career by clicking here.

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