Top travel tips

Top Travel Tips

If you’re thinking of embarking on a trip, then have a read of Our Place’s top travel tips before you go:
1. Check out web comparison sites to get the best deals. Our Place recommends
2. If you want to get the best possible prices on hotels then finding a great deals site is a must. We’ve struck up a relationship with Superbreak to help you find the best deals possible – click here to look for hotels
3. Check out the price of a cab before you book a tour operator transfer – it’s often cheaper to get a cab at the airport, but make sure that you get a price from the driver before you go and that they stick to it
4. Make sure passports are up-to-date and check visa requirements before you go
5. Get travel advice relating to the country you’re visiting through the Foreign Office
6. Ensure you have all vaccinations before travelling
7. Apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if travelling within Europe as this can save lots of money in the long run
8. If you are going to use a credit or debit card on your holiday, it may be worth letting your bank know where you’re going as an unfamiliar spending pattern might cause them to suspect the card is being used fraudulently
Top Travel Tips Blogs

There’s lots of excellent ideas out there by travel bloggers, so why not visit some of our favourite top travel tip websites:Travelling Booky

We love Tip No 5 – “This tip is mostly for men but can apply to women. Do not bring all of your shirts (tops) in the same shade. Blue is nice but no one will notice that one has micro stripes in red or that the other has tiny checks in grey. It all looks the same in a picture.Vary the colour scheme. And, please remind me to read this pointer to my husband on the next trip.”
From our American friends (hence Traveler not Traveller), we can all use Lisa Bergren’s suggestion: “Remain FLEXIBLE and have BACK-UP PLANS. Expect things to go wrong…That way you won’t spend precious hours freaking out…you can simply move to Plan B. If you don’t already have a Plan B, take a deep breath (or 10) and figure it out.”
Another blog from the other side of the pond and it offers a great tip to keep your documents safe: “Scan copies of all your passports and travel documents. Then save them to a USB compatible storage device. I put mine on a lanyard around my neck. Wherever you put yours make sure it isn’t the same place as your passport.”
More great websites

There’s other useful websites that you should check out before you go on your travels:Bespoke over 50s travel advice –

Journey Planner –
Google Map for planning your route –

View your destination from a satellite – travel comparison sites –

But don’t just take it from us or from them – we’re sure you’ve got some superb tips of your own, from the best travel insurance deals to great places to stay with the grandchildren, so go on -send us your tips to our content manager [email protected] and we’ll post the best ones.

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