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Ourplace Newsletter May 2024

Ourplace News May 2024

In this issue…..Think like a beaver, create a pond – and lose the cat – Seven ways to rewild your garden. Go wild in the kitchen! Uses and recipes for Wild Garlic. A ‘longevity revolution’ is coming – Here’s how those over 100 are making the most of their lives. ‘You can walk virtually everywhere in England by using the train’: The man connecting rail-based walks.

Ourplace Newsletter April 2024

Ourplace Newsletter April 2024 cover page

This month… Safe haven: 5 ways to help garden birds this nesting season. Light fantastique: Paris through the eyes of the Impressionists. Happy horticulture: Why gardening makes us feel better – and how to make the most of it. Eat beans and live longer: One reason why many Ikarians live to be 100.

Ourplace news March 2024

Ourplace Newsletter March 2024

In this issue…Diggin’ it: 12 of Britain’s best archaeology sites, events and family days out. Sweet spuds: The health benefits of sweet potatoes – a nutritional powerhouse unveiled. Outdoor kitchens: 10 stylish ways to cook alfresco and impress your family & friends. Play outside and sing together: What living in Denmark taught me about raising ‘Viking’ children.

Ourplace Newsletter February 2024

Ourplace news cover Feb 2024

This month…..Crack on! ‘Don’t do’ lists and a protein hit: 20 ways to become a morning person and feel like the winner. Spring starters! 10 of the best gardens to visit to see snowdrops. Tantalising Tapas! The history & origin of the authentic Spanish dish’ The seduction of Seville: A local’s guide to Spain’s Andalucían capital city.

Ourplace News Jan 2024 cover

Ourplace Newsletter January 2024

In this issue…..Global gourmet: Every country’s must-try food revealed on world map, from fish and chips in the UK to hot
dogs in the U.S and pavlova in Australia. Feathered friends: How do you get your grandchildren interested in birdwatching? The strength secret: How to get seriously fit from scratch – in 12 easy, enjoyable steps. Also: From Arctic art to the Disgusting Food Museum: Europe’s top 10 culture destinations for 2024.

Ourplace Newsletter cover December 2023

Ourplace Newsletter December 2023

This month……Eat the rainbow! These are the foods to eat to avoid colds and flu this winter. Clever cleaning: Cleaners on 20 easy ways to do your most hated household chores. We look at how time outdoors transforms our memory, imagination and logic. Chilled destinations: 7 must-visit winter wonderlands around the world.

Ourplace News November 2023 cover

Ourplace Newsletter November 2023

In this issue…..In a pickle: A beginner’s guide to pickling your homegrown fruit and veg. Happy hibernation: How to help garden wildlife hunker down for winter. We look at Beds on a budget: 20 of the UK’s best hotels, pubs and B&Bs – for under £150 a night
We also learn why UK over-50s are switching to part-time work.

Ourplace Newsletter October 2023

Ourplace October 2023 Cover

This month….The sleep secret: How lucid dreams can make us fitter, more creative and less anxious. Creature comforts: Top tips to help hedgehogs hibernate. Good for your soul: 10 of the best reasons to travel. Also, travelling across Britain foraging wild food – what to look for, and where.

Ourplace Newsletter September 2023

Ourplace Newsletter Cover September 2023

In this issue….Chic glamping: Top 10 beach and coastal campsites in France. No gym fees, no fancy equipment: It’s the skint bouncer’s guide to fitness! Organic September: What actually makes a food organic? Also…Darker spaces don’t have to be dreary: 8 of the coolest plants for shady gardens.

Ourplace Newsletter August 2023

Ourplace News Cover August 2023

This month… Escape to the Med: How to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden. Don’t fight it, float: 10 water safety tips to remember at the beach this summer. Carry on camping! 10 of Britain’s best vintage caravan stays. Boost your diet: 5 ways to improve your diet that aren’t about weight loss.


Ourplace Newsletter July 2023

In this issue……Hot tips: The do’s and don’ts of looking after your garden in a heatwave. Travel on a shoestring: Nine of the best budget holidays in Europe. Never drink red wine with fish! 10 famous food rules you can absolutely ignore. And the truth about inflammation: All you need to know about 2023’s hottest health topic, from causes to cures.


Ourplace Newsletter June 2023

This month…….The ocean: Why we need to respect Earth’s last great wilderness. We discover how music classes and choirs benefit those with dementia. We look at how coffee farms in Costa Rica are mixing wildlife, agriculture and tourism and talking of coffee, here are the best cafés and restaurants to start your day.

Ourplace News Cover May 2023

Ourplace Newsletter May 2023

In this issue….From festivals to glamping: 20 great UK campsites with a difference. Frugal fingers: 10 money saving tips for gardeners
Cockney boozers: Eight of the best pubs in London and The resilience secret: 13 ways to stay strong and active – from the man who runs a marathon a day.

Ourplace Newsletter April 2023

Ourplace April 2023

This month……Hot cross buns: History, and why we eat them at Easter. Doggy destinations: 7 dog-friendly gardens to visit this spring Off the Mersey beat: A tour of Liverpool’s unsung cultural treasures and Why does spring make everything feel better? The joys of spring explained.

Ourplace Newsletter March 2023

Ourplace Newsletter March 2023

In this issue….Spring into action – we take inspiration from Europe’s leading gardens and gardeners. The truth about caffeine: How coffee really affects our bodies. The London neighbourhood that’s got it all: 10 reasons why you need to live in stylish Stratford. Giving up something for Lent? Experts explain why the sacrifice is so tough.

Ourplace Newsletter February 2023

Ourplace 2023 Cover

This month…Cuisine trends: 2023’s top industry culinary predictions. Calming candles: How staring at candles for 10 minutes can snuff out stress. Personality splash: Five ways to be more ‘you’ at work. We also have woodpeckers and wagtails: How readers enjoyed the big birdwatch.

Ourplace Newsletter January 2023

Ourplace News Jan 2023 Cover

In this issue….52 acts of kindness: How to spread joy in every week of 2023. Worthy holidays: 10 of the best charity holiday stays in the UK where you’ll be contributing to a worthy cause. We show you how going green is a goal you can achieve and we also have a beginners guide to growing potatoes.

Ourplace Newsletter December 2022

Ourplace Newsletter December 2022 Cover

In our Christmas issue we have some novel ideas with 9 of the best gardening books to give. Max Halley’s has potato snack recipes for watching the World Cup with and Step into Christmas…the best festive days out around the UK.

Ourplace Newsletter November 2022

Ourplace November 2022

This month…Grey gap year: The over-60s with a taste for travel on a budget. A belly full of laughs! Why the health benefits of laughter yoga will make you smile. Who ate all the pies? Snack bars galore and the wonder of football food. Green ‘healthy’ fingers: How gardening can save your life – from cutting isolation to mental health benefits.

Ourplace News October 2022

Ourplace Newsletter October 2022

Oh wow! How getting more awe can improve your life – and even make you a nicer person. Into the woods: How an old shed inspired hundreds of stories. A fistful of flavour: ‘Herbs give a dish that extra zing!’ South American beauties: Vibrant cities, mind-boggling landscapes and ancient wonders.

Ourplace Newsletter September 2022

Ourplace September 2022 cover

In this issue: Dance like no one’s watching! And six more ways to recapture childhood fun. The future of air travel: Sugarcane cabins and floating seats. Drink in the views: The UK’s 20 best waterside pubs and Sustainable gardening: Ways to be less wasteful in the garden.

Ourplace News August 2022

Ourplace Newsletter August 2022

This month: Scorchio! How to prepare your garden for the potential drought. Frugal food: 9 tips to make food last longer as prices soar. Cheese, cider & cycling: A tasty tour of the West Country and a new start after 60: 2 stories about embracing life in later years.

Ourplace Newsletter July 2022

Ourplace July 2022

In this issue: Growing pains? How to stop yourself getting injured while gardening – from
essential exercises to the perfect posture. Rubbish gardens: How to create a sustainable garden out of old junk and rich planting. Future food security: The surprising green innovations that could revolutionise food production… and help with rising costs. Europe on a shoestring: 14 of the best budget city breaks.

Ourplace Newsletter June 2022

Ourplace News June 2022

Garden longevity: Could you extend your life and drop your stress by taking up the pursuit, too? The Great British ‘chippy’: Seaside fish and chip shops are a national treasure. Here are 20 of the best. Lost lanes of the Midlands: Five great cycle routes in the heart of England and also – Play some Kylie, keep it short and enlist your friends! The beginner’s guide to loving exercise.

Ourplace Newsletter May 2022


Are you potty about pots? – Here’s how to pick the best containers for your garden. One down, 39,136 to go:
The explorers who walk every street in their city. We look at six amazing health benefits of eating strawberries and their tops. We’ve also got six key tips for planning the perfect Platinum Jubilee party.

Ourplace Newsletter April 2022

Ourplace News April 2022

In this issue: Railway routes: 10 of the best train journeys in Europe – fast or slow. From ramen noodles to spicy tom yum soup, we have 9 dishes to get you fighting fit after an illness. We also look at the rise of community gardens in the UK and answer energy questions such as: ‘Is it cheaper to have a bath or a shower?

Ourplace Newsletter March 2022

Ourplace News March 2022

This month sees a new Channel 4 series with Sandi Toksvig, which visits some remarkable holiday homes. We have 9 of the UK’s best renovated foodie pubs with rooms and we learn some lessons in furnishing your house for free. Also, skydiving aged 63 – how Wendy Mitchell proved that people with dementia,
like her, do not need to be stuck indoors.

Ourplace Newsletter February 2022

Ourplace newsletter February 2022

In this issue: Flight of fancy: the home inspired by an aircraft fuselage. We list 43 of the best days out you can take, for free! Also, the global restaurants that are bringing life to British streets and how happiness is accessible to each and every one of us. Roger Black talks about why keeping things simple at 55 and above is the key to fitness.

Ourplace Newsletter January 2022

Ourplace Newsletter Jan 2022

This month we’ve a list of 10 of the UK’s best cosy hotels to book and banish the winter blues. Are you low on energy? Here are 9 healthy snacks to power you through January. We look at 10 stunning gardens to visit for a healthy walk and gardening inspiration. Finally, Second act sensations! Meet the people who reached peak fitness after turning 50.

Ourplace Newsletter December 2021

Ourplace December 2021 Cover

In this issue we have 15 winter travel adventures for you to sample, from staying on a frozen lake to taking an ice drive in Estonia. We discuss how to use coffee grounds on your plants and look at how Fungi is the earth’s secret miracle worker. Also, can seven types of rest end your exhaustion?

Ourplace Newsletter November 2021

Ourplace News November 2021

This month: Truffles are the most expensive food in the world – here’s how to find them and where they are in the UK. We have 10 glorious woodland retreats perfect for an autumn break. ‘Meditation, vodka and vinegar’: Can the morning routines of the rich and famous make me a better person? We also look at how three high-fliers retrained as garden designers.

Ourplace Newsletter October 2021

Ourplace News Oct 2021

In this issue: OCD – It’s not just about being clean and tidy. We look at 11 destinations that every foodie
should visit in the UK and Ireland. It’s all Greek to me! – 10 of the best Greek islands to visit (that you might not have heard of). We have the story of how PTSD left one man living in a forest, reliant on alcohol – and how a support dog changed his life. Finally we show you how to flood your garden with light to create an illusion of space with the use of mirrors.

Ourplace Newsletter September 2021

Ourplace September 2021

This month we’re looking at 40 of the best UK country pubs for food. What about some healthy honey? There as six surprising health benefits! What about a trip to Scotland? We look at five breath-taking cities to visit. In the shade – 25 best plants and perennials that thrive out of the sun. Finally, Greg Davies talks about his new comedy, The Cleaner.

Ourplace Newsletter August 2021

Ourplace news August 2021

In this issue: Old gold – why are we all so obsessed with nostalgia? Let’s cook! – we look at 9 of the UK’s best cookery classes. Linford Christie tells us why open water swimming is so peaceful and do you fancy making some money from your old clutter? After all, they say that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

Ourplace Newsletter July 2021


This month: How Zoe Ball caught the gardening bug and is now desperate to help the bees. Happy snapping! – Fun photography projects that you can start today. We’ve got the Pothole Picasso – an undercover artist who fills potholes across Europe with colourful mosaics and we examine our love affair with ice cream – where did it all begin?

Ourplace Newsletter June 2021

Ourplace News June 2021

This month we step up with 16 creative ways to increase your daily step count. For the book worms
amongst you we have 9 captivating novels by female authors. We’ve got 22 places to visit and inspire you, right here in the UK. We’re also inviting you to spruce up your garden with some great. 
And finally….we look at the history of the barbecue.

Ourplace Newsletter May 2021

Ourplace News May 2021

In this issue we share some top tips for hay fever sufferers this Spring and Summer. We look at nine beautiful cycle routes you can take in the UK and discuss ideas for planning an al fresco dinner party or picnic. Finally, how low should you go? – Monty Don has stirred the pot on lawn cutting.

Ourplace Newsletter April 2021

Ourplace April 2021

This month we have some lockdown isolation stories. We have some ideas for growing new vegetables from your kitchen scraps and Alan Titchmarsh tells how gardeners are interacting with nature and encouraging it along. We have six of the best UK road trips to take and we think about some of life’s simplest pleasures.

Ourplace Newsletter March 2021

Ourplace News March 2021

This month we are extolling the benefits of walking, a great exercise for all ages. We have 15 ideas to stop you going ‘stir crazy’ during lockdown and five low cost ways to improve your home. We also have a look at how you can grow your own superfoods at home.

Ourplace Newsletter February 2021

Ourplace Newsletter Feb 2021

Inside this issue we discuss the future of travel in 2021. In ‘lockdown life’, we look at 15 adventures you can enjoy without leaving your home and 19 ways to keep your mind sharp. We’ve also got 10 creative upcycling ideas for you to have a go at.

Ourplace Newsletter January 2021

January 2021

In this month’s issue we get creative and look at 7 interesting craft ideas to try at home. We discuss how to get money back for train tickets and flights cancelled by Tier 4 rules. Dawn French tells us what she thinks are seven really great things about growing older. We also have a list of fourteen things you only know if you’re obsessed with crisps.

Ourplace Newsletter December 2020

December 2020

This month we look at some of the iconic album covers of the 1970’s. We have 11 fitness motivation ideas for winter and we discuss the timing of putting up the christmas tree. Finally, we find out why you should find out who you’re moving next door to!

Ourplace Newsletter November 2020

Ourplace News November

In this issue we discuss why an icy dip is good for your mental and physical health. We also look at where the best outdoor winter swimming spots in Britain are. Do you love it or hate it? Marmite: A potted history of the British-born spread. We’re looking at what we can be sowing in the vegetable patch this autumn and also discussing how to eat well if you’re working at home.

Ourplace Newsletter October 2020

Inside this issue…7 of the most beautiful islands around the UK and Ireland. We have a look at some of the part-time jobs you could consider doing when you’re over 50. Social prescribing – we describe the benefits of trying a new hobby and we also list 10 spring bulbs which you could buy and plant now.

Ourplace Newsletter September 2020

September 2020 Cover

Do you have green fingers? We have information on how to apply for one. We have 5 simple weight loss tips for slimming down after lockdown. We have a look at some of the most popular card games and reveal their origins. Ever fancied brewing your own beer? We’ve got some tips for you.

Ourplace Newsletter August 2020


This month we suggest 8 very different digital skills that you can learn from home. We have some advice on how to stop your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask. We also have a look at some of the best gardens to visit this summer which are now open after lockdown. We also discuss how coaching could help you to get more from life.

Ourplace Newsletter July 2020


In this issue we discuss how to keep safe if you are shielding. We have 10 great walks to enjoy in Wales as lockdown restrictions ease. We also look at how to handle your money as coronavirus lockdown measures start to lift. ‘Life’s a beach’: with remote working on the rise, more people are relocating to the coast.

Ourplace Newsletter June 2020

June cover

This month we bring you a simple guide to face masks. We also have 10 tips for
greater productivity if you’re working from home. We discuss six amazing health benefits of eating
strawberries and their tops and look at some of the blooms that the Queen and royal family have picked as their favourites to mark Chelsea Flower Show.

Ourplace Newsletter May 2020

May 2020 cover

In this issue we give you some ideas for surviving boredom during lockdown. We discuss why walking is so good for us and discuss what rights you have when travelling in Europe. A warning has been issued as over 50’s have been found to have hundreds hidden away – does this apply to you?

Ourplace Newsletter April 2020

Ourplace News April 2020

This month we bring you Vital vitamin: 6 reasons to take vitamin C. We discuss ways to save money
if you’re self-isolating or working from home during coronavirus outbreak. We visit Ledbury in Herefordshire and bring you the top 10 actors of all time.

Ourplace Newsletter March 2020

Our Place March Cover

This month we bring you 12 affordable, healthy indulgences to help you chill out. We look at winter finances so you can leave your financial woes out in the cold. We have ‘The Beatles in Liverpool: A Fab Four fan’s guide to their city’ and we take you to the Pub of the Year 2020, The Bell Inn with ‘great beer’ and outdoor loo.

Ourplace Newsletter February 2020

Happy Valentine’s! This month we discuss how being in love makes you gorgeous (and healthy, too!) We also bring you a beginner’s guide to the stock market, some seasonal tips and recipes and the best garden shows and festivals to visit in 2020. We reveal which top football players made traders money and we look at how David Bowie (who would have been 73 this year) paved the way for modern menswear.

Ourplace Newsletter January 2020

Our Place January 2020

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020. This month we bring you ‘How to prevent a cold or lessen the symptoms’, ‘How much could your New Year’s resolutions save you in 2020?’, ‘The 7 best places in the world to see the Northern Lights’, ‘The world’s 6 most vegan-friendly cities’ and Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city.


Ourplace Newsletter December 2019

Welcome to December’s newsletter. In this issue…’Go green’ – 11 easy eco swaps we can all make at home, ‘Living longer’ – Dog ownership is associated with longer life, ‘Festive funding’ – 12 tricks to make some money this Christmas, ‘Winter warmer’ – How to make a Christmas favourite – mulled wine! We also bring you 20 unusual Christmas travel ideas for every kind of traveller.

November 2019

Ourplace Newsletter November 2019

Welcome to November’s newsletter. This year sees the 50th anniversary of the iconic Beatles’ album Abbey Road. We suggest how to beat the winter blues with ten simple tips for boosting your mood. ‘Spice up your winter!’ – why adding a little spice to your food might be the key to winter wellness. We discuss why organic gardening can be better for you and your environment and also look at the best Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK.


Ourplace Newsletter October 2019

Welcome to October’s newsletter. Inside this issue… ‘Miner’s Delight’ – the history of the Cornish Pasty, ‘Optimist or pessimist’ – is your glass half full or half empty?, ‘Travel at your own pace’ – the best travel apps for lone travellers. Also, the best films on offer this year at the bfi London Film Festival 2019.

September 2019 Cover

Ourplace Newsletter September 2019

Welcome to to September’s newsletter. This month…. ‘Winter garden’ – creating a posh and pampered indoor greenhouse, ‘Get connected’ – the mind and body connection with holistic healing, ‘Gems of Gozo’ – the beautifully serene Mediterranean escape just 6 km north of Malta and ‘Proms in the Park’ – Britain’s largest outdoor classical music event.

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