Help for Public Sector Workers

Help for public sector workers

If you are a public sector worker and depending on when you joined your scheme and also which scheme you are a member of your benefits could be quite different to your colleagues.
Some schemes are quite similar for example teachers, university staff and NHS, but Fire Service or Police schemes are quite different to those formerly mentioned.
Regardless of your occupation and membership you should receive an annual benefit statement detailing your accrued pension to date and your forecasted pension on your scheme retirement age. This will help you decide if your current provision is sufficient or if perhaps you should consider enhancing it in some format.
With the current wave of cutbacks there are changes proposed and in some cases are being implemented, which you should have been communicated about by your Pension schemes administrators.
If you find things confusing and require help in my experience it can be difficult to receive advice from your employer, but you can always seek the advice of a professional adviser and Our Place has just that in John Boyce of ACS Financial Planning.
To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, contact John Boyce on 0121 439 5614, by email  [email protected] or visit  

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