Our Place has teamed up with the Money Advice Service to provide you with the best deals so you can buy for less by comparing deals online meaning you could save on your weekly shop, purchases for the home and holidays.

The Money Advice Services’ shop smartly and save section is packed with useful insight and we have it all here for you:

Where’s the best way to finance buying your car? Loan, hire purchase or something else entirely? Click here to find out.

Shopping safely online See how to avoid internet scams and dodgy companies, and stay secure when you shop online by clicking here.

Smarter shopping Tips and tricks to save money by shopping around, using vouchers, coupons and cashback to get the best deals. Click here for more info.

Get holidays for less by cutting costs when booking your holiday from flights and insurance to travel money, see how to compare, shop and save by clicking here.

Are you worried you’ll run out before you next get paid? Then click here for the Money stretcher calculator.

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