Our Place has The Money Advice Service on hand to run through the best advice on Bank accounts and credit or debit cards.

Here you can find out about choosing and using an account or card, fees to watch out for and how to avoid running up debts.

Choosing the right account click below for information on the types of bank account and how to choose the right one for you:

Current accounts
Packaged accounts
How to choose the right bank account
Joint accounts
Basic bank accounts
How to open, switch or close your bank account
Identify requirements for basic bank accounts

Managing your bank account click below for help with making payments, how to use overdrafts wisely and avoiding or dealing with bank charges:

Running your bank account
Payment into your bank account
Making phone and online bank transfers
Direct Debits and standing orders
E-payments  – why, when and how to use them
Using cheques and banker’s drafts
Bank fees at a glance
Overdrafts – how to use them without breaking the bank
How to claim unfair charges

Travel money or sending money overseas click below for buying foreign currency, cheap cards to use abroad and choosing the best way to send money overseas:

Using a bank to send money overseas
How to send money overseas
Using a money transfer firm to send money overseas
Using a currency broker to send money overseas
Buying a foreign currency
Travel money options – cash, cards and traveller’s cheques
Checking the authorisation of a firm to send money
Cheap cards to use abroad

Lost accounts click below to trace lost bank accounts, lost savings accounts or Premium Bonds:

Tracing lost bank accounts

Credit & debit cards click below for how to choose the right one, fees and charges and how to avoid running up debts:

How to use credit card comparison tables
Should you transfer your credit card balance?
Cheap cards to use abroad
Credit card cheques
How you’re protected when you pay by card
Charge cards
Store cards
Managing your credit card account
Credit cards
Prepaid cards
Debit cards
Credit and debit cards – a quick guide
Choosing and applying for a credit card
How to reduce the cost of your credit and store card
Cashback credit cards
Credit card calculator

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