Exercise can help us manage better with – and even prevent – many serious conditions. It can give us happier days and longer lives and keep us as resilient as possible – and it’s amazing how much is possible, whatever your condition. It can be as easy or hard as you like, and still deliver all the benefits. It doesn’t matter if you’re lying in bed and can’t get up, taking a walk or going to a gym – once you know how you can always have enjoyable exercise to lift your life.

Exercise contacts

There are many possibilities to choose from, and you may be surprised what you can do and what you’ll enjoy. Just be sure to get your doctor’s and/or physiotherapist’s advice on any medical limitations and what to avoid. Simple ways to look at the possibilities are with the help of:

The BBC – Go to www.bbc.co.uk/health 

Bandolier – go to the Bandolier site and see Exercise in their healthy living section

The NHS Health encyclopaedia – www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk in our First Resources section has good information.

The Complimentary Healthcare Information Service – www.chisuk.org.uk links to all the main movement therapy exercise techniques. A one-stop convenience shop.

Tai Chi
local adult education courses, local gym, fitness centre, library listing or the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain – www.taichiunion.com

Alan Herdman (www.alanherdmanpilates.co.uk) literally wrote the age-related book on this, and his site is a good place to start. Also see www.pilatesfoundation.com


Ballroom, tap, folk, flamenco, modern, social, jazz… too many styles to list. Once again the easy place to start is THE BBC. Go to www.bbc.co.uk/health and look under dance. Also many classes locally in many styles.

Gyms / Circuit Training / Sport – Infinite options. BBC Health provides guidance.

Exercise in water:



classes at local pools or www.virginactive.co.uk for classes at their gyms.

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