When you are feeling low

When you are feeling low

Top tips when you are feeling low.

These are taken from the Carers UK website and are a list of tips compiled by carers themselves:

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has bad days.

2. Speak with people who leave you feeling uplifted

3. Speak with people who will sit and listen

4. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is a well known cause of depression and being tired will the simplest decisions hard, and the hard decision almost impossible

5. Smile. When you smile it activates regions in your brain that elevate your mood.

6. Put your shoulders back. When you physically do this, it will activate regions in your brain that will respond with an increased feeling of well being.

7. Organise your problems. Those that can wait for tomorrow can be left for tomorrow.

8. Remember that as well as being a carer you may also be a wife, grandmother, solicitor, supporter of the local football team. Although caring takes up a large part of your life it doesn’t define everything about you.

9. Break problems down into manageable pieces and take them one at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed. And if you feel overwhelmed ring a Helpline, talk to a friend.

10. Cry. Its not particularly fashionable to cry, especially for men, but crying releases emotions. Bottling up emotions can lead to depression. The caring role you are undertaking can be sad.

11. Take time out for you and relax, even if it’s only a few minutes.

12. Stay as fit as possible. Do exercise, walk, swim, yogo, garden, and you will feel more able to cope over the long term.

13. Keep a hobby that you can do in quiet moments. Something that keeps a link to your life before caring.

14. When you can take some slow deep breaths and relax. By taking deep breathes your body will automatically move into what is called the relaxation response.

15. Look forward. Caring will end. Make plans have dreams.

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