How will it affect my life?

How will it affect my life?

In a nutshell you will have less time for yourself. Caring requires your time to be given to another. For some caring will be brief, a few intensive weeks or months. But for others, especially for someone looking a person with dementia it begins to take more and more time becoming almost full time by the end.

Depending upon age this may have a significant effect on your life. Increasing numbers of people are having to take career breaks, cut back to part time working, reduce their leisure time to meet the declining health needs of aged parents. Partners will find that their lifestyle changes as the person who is unwell is no longer capable of doing the same things that have brought them pleasure.

Caring can have wonderful experiences. Closeness, intimacy and love with the person you have shared your life with may bring precious moments that will deepen and strengthen your relationship and go with you after your caring role is over.

But it can also be hugely stressful. Carers are one of the most stressed groups of people and there is considerable evidence that stress is directly linked to physical ill health. Many carers themselves become ill from caring so it important to look after yourself as a carer.

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